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Writing in the journal, the pair say that "anal intercourse is considered a risky sexual behaviour because of its association with alcohol, drug use and multiple sex partners".

No, you fucking putz, it's considered a risky sexual behavior because it involves sticking things in your asshole.

Muh experts.

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Smegma is carcinogenic. The vagina has a microbiome to deal with that, the colon doesn't.

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I feel certain you could find something carcinogenic in the human rectum if you devoted even a little effort to it.

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Sure lots, but that's no reason to introduce more.

Lots of mouth cancer happens for the same reason.

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    My mother didn't let me take the vaccine when doctors came to my school and trying to vaccinate my classmates because she had to pay for it. So who knows why other people don't let their kids get vaccinated.

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    The fact that only men have prostate glands leaves me wondering why women would want to receive anal sex. In fact, even male recipients of anal can face complications. Which is why gay men shouldn’t be sluts and instead should only do anal with their long term partners. In fact, a lot of gay men don’t do anal at all.

    Doctors need to warn people of the dangers of anal sex. Also, society needs to be aware that pornography is unhealthy and promotes ideas.

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    It's a dominance/submission thing, not that hard to understand.

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    Nice that they put so much effort into pretending that gay men get no problems.

    They get all the same issues plus extra STDs due to all being slags.

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    They don't want to say anything that could discourage homosexuality. After all (((they))) put a lot of time, effort, and money into encourageing it.

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    Telling gay men that anal sex is wrong doesn’t necessarily discourage homosexuality. There are other ways gay men can have sex.

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    Who said wrong?

    Telling potentially gay boys how much damage it does would keep some of them from experimenting with it.

    Despite the overwhelming propaganda to the contrary I believe there is quite a lot of evidence that homosexuality is like a fetish in that it grows the more it is indulged in. Every time you stimulate orgasm you learn to crave the thing you use to stimulate it. The natural release of neurochemicals during orgasm provide a reward for the behavior prior to it.

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    Despite the overwhelming propaganda to the contrary I believe there is quite a lot of evidence that homosexuality is like a fetish in that it grows the more it is indulged in.

    This is the kind of double-speak gaslighting that I expect from ultraconservatives. Homosexuality is a "choice", except when adolescents who seem to be "faggots" are tortured by their peers, in which case it is assumed to be inevitable. Have you ever thought that the trauma inflicted on young "faggots" actually creates the degeneracy you condemn? I hate the degeneracy that is displayed by gay men, but I also understand that it is often a response to deep emotional wounds.

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    Is a foot fetish a choice?

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    I disagree with your last paragraph. I don’t know where homosexuality comes from but it’s not a fetish. It’s an orientation like heterosexuality and bisexuality.

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    Homosexually comes from child abuse.

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    I'm gay and I wasn't abused as a child.

    Besides, there are a lot of straight people were abused as kids and are still straight. Most straight people weren't abused, and most gay people weren't abused.

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    I think it's more of a epigenetic cause. I work in social work/mental health. The majority of gay people I have worked with and know have had some sort of trauma as a child. But you are correct that it is not all. It's just my antidotes.

    But back to the epigenetic, a individual might have been abused as a child. Sometimes as a copping mechanism they become attracted to the same sex if ( especially if the abuser was the opposite). Back when being gay was more taboo the abused individual would stay in the closet and get married have kids etc. But the gene was passed down to the children (or the generation after if skipped) even though there was no abuse after.

    So even if a gay individual didn't experience abuse, somewhere in their lineage before them there was.

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    There seems to be a correlation between having parents with cluster b personality disorders and being gay.

    It's thought that being gay is due to the mother having an autoimmune reaction so the baby gets the wrong amounts of testosterone.

    Suffering childhood trauma makes you more likely to have autoimmune problems and most cluster bs have that.

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    Interesting, so the combination of a autoimmune reaction and childhood trauma can cause a higher likelihood of being gay. I wonder what environmental factors correlate to the autoimmune health, particularly the hormones. If certain places have a higher likelihood of somebody being gay. As well with the trauma being a catalyst.

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    I always thought of being gay as something similar to being left handed. Most people are right-handed, but some people are left-handed. And some are ambidextrous, like how some people are bisexual. Some people say that having older brothers increases the likelihood that you’d be gay, probably because your parents would have enough sons to give them enough grandchildren or so that you won’t have children and thus enough resources to take of your parents. I only have one older brother, but my mother was the youngest of a large family and I have a lot of maternal cousins who are older than me. Maybe that is why I’m a homosexual.

    Look, I don’t know where homosexuality comes from. All I know is that I am a homosexual, and my childhood was similar to that as most people. You could argue this was influenced by the large number of older cousins I have, but that’s all I know.

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    Yeah but straight people can still be faggots to go on the Kinsey scale and the fact that Onlyfans exists.

    Where are you drawing your last point from in any case?

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    Kinsey's scale is a bunch of shit, he didn't even believe heterosexuality existed.

    Regarding human sexuality, Kinsey opined that humans are naturally bisexual but religious precepts and prejudices have forced people into chastity, heterosexuality and monogamy. The American biologist also endorsed sodomy, saying that all forms of anal intercourse are natural and healthy.

    This article outlines the depths of his depravity with sources.

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    I trust people like Kinsey either. You’re either straight, gay or bisexual. There is no number that measures your orientation.

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    Waiting for that, I was trying to bait for a specific response from the other bloke but it didn't come.

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    It's often symptomatic of childhood trauma, not necessarily of a sexual kind.

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    Yes, but some heterosexual people have had traumatic experiences from their childhoods too. Aside from having a visual impairment, there was nothing out of the ordinary in my childhood.

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    How do you explain societies where a great number of men are gay? Like Ancient Greece and modern day Pakistan. They're gay for little boys, but still. I feel like this is at least a heavy support towards the theory that homosexuality has a social component that's learned.

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    I don’t think homosexuality was more common in Ancient Greece than it is now in the modern western world. It’s just that it was heavily documented, it is right now. And as for the little boys thing, yes, that is disgusting. Sex between two adult men in private is fine, but sex between an adult and a child should lead to the death penalty for the adult. Not entirely sure if sex between men and teenage boys was accepted in Ancient Greece but my assumption was that it was rightfully condemned, but unfortunately happened anyway because teenage boys were drafted very young into the military.

    Gay men will always be a minority. Simply because we do not want to have sex with women. I’d say we’re about 3-5% of the male population, which is a liberal estimate. The reason homosexuality supposedly happens more frequently in some societies than it does in others is simply because some societies cram it down our throats, some societies try (in vain) to suppress it, and some societies simply don’t talk about it.

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    Yup, it's the disease that keeps on giving.

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    How is it different than a fetish?

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    Orientation is what sex you want to have sex with (male, female or both). A fetish is a sexual fixation on a nonliving object or nongenital body part.

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    It's all a matter of a stimulus turning you on. A pavlovian response.

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    Which is why gay men shouldn’t be sluts. Be monogamous or be celibate. We should have learned from the AIDS crisis. Too bad (((the media))) has swept it under the rug.

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    It's gay men fault, they promoted and normalised this degeneracy to heterosexual people. Anal sex is dangerous and painful for both men and women, it shouldn't be encouraged.

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    If you're making her ass bleed, you're doing it wrong. There's prep involved, you can't just stick it in and go to town.

    Idk, if you like it, do it responsibly. Most the comments here seem to pertain to permiscuous anal sex.

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    I never understood the appeal of anal sex, it just seems disgusting to me. But I guess it does make sense for modern scum who love everything that is bad and disgusting.

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    I never understood the appeal of anal sex, it just seems disgusting to me.

    I have to agree. Buttholes are disgusting, I'm not sticking my dick in one, but I can't say I really care if other people want to do gross shit. I just laugh at them

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    Reminds me of the gay guy who posted on a message board one morning "I just found a piece of sweetcorn under my foreskin in the shower."

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    How did he find out it was sweet, I wonder?

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    Holy shit... you guys are hilarious.

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    women are so gross. nietzsche was right about them

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    Doctors too embarrassed to talk

    They're embarrassed to talk about women's blown o-rings?

    Wait.. Are these vagina women? Or o-ring "women"?

    Talking about medical treatment for o-ring "women" is weird.

    Those "women" probably play by different rules.
    And something about shingles o-ring pox.

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    So much to unpack with this..

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    Like a fine fudge.

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    Doctors across the UK are being told that their embarrassment at talking about anal sex is causing an increase in risks to women's health and safety, two top surgeons have claimed

    Two top surgeons, or two "top surgeons"? The distinction here is important.

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    Every surgeon is a top surgeon. The phrase means nothing.

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    Not sure if my joke came through here.

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    It didn't, but it's a good one! :D

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    Modern western culture worships recreational sex. The idea that sex should be bound by the limits of traditional stable relationships (marriage, family systems, etc) is now considered "[X]-phobic". Instead of working to bring homosexual activity under the same constraints as heterosexual activity, the opposite is being promoted. Heterosexuals are being encouraged to be as deviant as homosexuals. All the problems, none of the benefits. What a perfect system...

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    Whats the problem with dipping one's stick into somebody else dressing ?

    If it is offering itself to be dipped?

    That's just human nature. Constraints of instincts like this are unnatural. Typical Christian propaganda bullshit, so to say.

    We got condoms nowadays, fyi.

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    It’s good and healthy to take control of your own sexuality. And I that, I mean only having sex within established relationships, or at least being careful who you stick your dick in or who you fill your arse with. Yes, we have condoms. But condoms only mitigate the health risks. And aside from health risks, there’s also the emotional and disciplinary components too. If you shag the first person who wants to shag you, and you have multiple sex partners in a week, it’s going to be harder to establish a long term committed relationship. If you don’t want a long term relationship that’s fine, but you need one if you want to have a family. And if you cannot resist the urge to have lots of sex, then you’re not free. You are easily controlled by your urges and by other people.

    Like beer and chocolate, sex a vice. It’s okay to have a vice in moderation. So it’s okay to have sex with a partner or a spouse. And you don’t need to be a Christian or a Muslim to understand this.

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    I always ask "permission" first. It's part of our game.

    But since we're both "diagnosed" with some mental gifts (that fit into each other like lock and key somehow magically), its ok.

    We're both hypersensitive. That is why there is just doesn't exist any need for lies of whichever color.

    And our neighbours know us. Mostly i'm into some female students and she is into her flower-vendor in our home depot, recently.

    That's ok. There just ain't no need for classical rules.

    Because we both would break them anyways the moment they'd be "enforced", so to say.

    The secret ingredient to our relationship is the one day every week, we exclusively invest into our relationsship. Sometimes with some weed or mushrooms. Everything else is put on freeze for these magical hours.

    And having kids is out of scope for us at this vicinity in time.

    She already has one and i'm not quite sure if i want ("another") one. Only time will show the way to go in this aspect, i believe.

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    Anyone excited by the idea of sticking their dick up someone's poop chute is a barely closeted homosexual.

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    This is retarded article from an absolute rag. Under no circumstances should they be considered serious.