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Has dick, is male.

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So you are gonna roll with the trans definition of gender? Biology says you need a Y chromosome to be a male.

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That's not what defines sex.

It's reproductive organs which define sex because the whole reason we have sex is reproduction.

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You clearly need to review your biology

A living thing's sex is determined by its genes. Most mammals have the XY sex-determination system, where male mammals carry an X and a Y chromosome (XY), whereas female mammals carry two X chromosomes (XX).

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But some people with xy chromosomes don't react to testosterone so they develop as female from the time they are in the womb.

Chromosomes aren't how a person's sex is measured.

If you have a dick you are a man.

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If you have a dick you are a man.

I'm sure all the trans men will be thrilled to hear this

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No, I don't think I will.

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Fake story.

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What's sad is it can't even be a good johnson, intersex women get little shrimp dicks. She can't even date dudes who want a futa.

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That's a dude.

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If that XX mannish looking woman with a penis is a dude then the trans people are right, and surgery makes them a real member of their new gender. Biology says you need a Y chromosome to be a dude, penis or no

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If that guy's got XX then I'll give you a fake internet point.

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If that guy's got XX then I'll give you a fake internet point.

Lol, I assume that would be the only reason they would refer to a person that isn't trans that looks like a man and has a penis as a woman, but I doubt I'll be able to verify the details of this story, since its a sketchy Ghana newszine. I really just don't like giving credence to the idea of genitals determining sex rather than chromosomes, because it kind of validates the insane trans ideology

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The majority of cells in a woman's body have what's called a Barr body. You can look under a regular light microscope and see if it's a woman's tissue or a man's with ease. That there are 0.0x% of the population with something besides XX or XY doesn't mean the binary is wrong, it means there's oddities at the fringes. In much the same line, a woman with a mastectomy is not less a woman than a man with bolt-ons.