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I mean this is the Navy we’re talking about right? They’re just marketing to their target audience.

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Nobody fights for trannies. They fight for politicians' hubris and ego, and billionnaires' fortunes, and ESPECIALLY for the Jewish white genocide agenda.

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Trannies and breeders ruin everything. I’m sick and tired of Gay people being expected to tolerate your deviant behavior.

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Donald Trump is starting to look like a hippie compared to those who overthrew him for their latest war for oil.

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What a faggot. Fighting for trannies.

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Shut up breeder. You’re just as bad as the Trannies.

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Because real men only have sex with other real men.

Gay is the way. Homosexuality is the default form of human sexuality. It is not normal to be attracted to a sex that is not your own. It makes you a rapist and a pedophile. Only consenting sex between adults of the same sex is normal or will ever be normal.

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Down is up and up is down. Everyday is reverse day for the addled mind of a fake jew plotting world domination since 9/11.

You’ll never take away real human sex just because you went white supremacist.

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Ever since I was excommunicated and stripped of assets for putting a black man in a white house on a bet. Shit has been going downhill. My hands are tied someone with a brain must step up. Time is of the essence.

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Who are they trying to recruit? You can only have so many Morale and Welfare people. Someone's gotta drive the boats, work on the engines, and shoot stuff. Not sure drag queens would be interested in that sort of thing.

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Here is a short story. Who knows, maybe if Robert is ever in a tough situation, he'll accept help.

John was a retired Navy SEAL who had seen some serious action in his time. He was part of the team that took down Osama Bin Laden, and he had more than his fair share of war stories. But one thing that really got under his skin was the idea of transgender service members.

One day, John found himself stuck up a tree. He'd been on a solo mission, and he'd thought it would be a good idea to climb up and get a better view of the jungle. But now he was stuck, and he was starting to panic. That's when he heard a voice calling up to him.

"Hey, you need a hand?"

John looked down and saw a service member making her way towards him. He could tell from her voice that she was transgender, and he felt a twinge of discomfort. But he was stuck up a tree, so he had no choice but to say yes.

"Fine, just hurry up!" he called back.

The trans service member, whose name was Sarah, scrambled up the tree with surprising ease. She helped John down, and as they made their way back to base, they started chatting.

Turned out, Sarah was a pretty cool chick. She'd been in the military for five years and had been deployed twice. She had some great stories of her own, and John found himself listening intently.

As they walked, John realized that Sarah was just like any other service member. She was brave, smart, and tough as nails. He felt ashamed of his earlier discomfort and made a mental note to check himself.

When they got back to base, John pulled Sarah aside.

"Hey, I wanted to say sorry about earlier. I was a real ass. You're just as much a part of this team as anyone else, and I respect you for that."

Sarah smiled. "It's all good. You were stuck up a tree. I'd have been freaked out too!"

They both laughed, and John realized that he'd been making a big deal out of nothing. He made a mental note to stop sweating the small stuff and to focus on the job at hand.

From that day forward, John made a conscious effort to treat all of his fellow service members with respect and dignity, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. He knew that the military was stronger when everyone was working together, and he was proud to be a part of that team.

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Later, they married and Sarah gave birth to twins?

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Yes, except it was John who gave birth to the twins (Larry and Jerry) tech has come a long way.

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Did AI write this?

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ChatGPT.... I must give myself credit for the excellent prompts though... /s

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It was December 16th, 1944, and the American forces were dug in deep in the Ardennes forest in Belgium. The winter had set in, and the weather was cold and damp, with the occasional snowstorm. The troops were on high alert, expecting an attack at any moment.

I was a young private in the 101st Airborne Division, and I remember vividly the chaos of that first day. I had joined the military to fight for trans rights and show that we were just as capable as anyone else. I was proud to be serving my country, even though I knew that I was not fully accepted by many of my fellow soldiers.

The day had started like any other. I had woken up early, eaten a meager breakfast, and prepared myself for the day's tasks. It was cold and wet outside, and the prospect of another day spent shivering in the trenches was daunting. But I pushed those thoughts aside and focused on my duty.

As the sun rose, I took my position at the front line. I could see my fellow soldiers lined up alongside me, all of us ready for whatever the day would bring. I remember feeling a sense of camaraderie with my fellow soldiers, a sense of belonging that I had never felt before.

But that sense of belonging was short-lived. As the Germans began their offensive, chaos erupted. The sound of gunfire and explosions filled the air, and the snow made it hard to see. We were under heavy attack, and it was clear that this was not going to be an easy fight.

I remember feeling a sense of fear as I looked around me. The soldiers were shouting commands and firing their weapons, but it seemed like we were outnumbered and outgunned. I could see my fellow soldiers falling all around me, and I knew that I was in danger. But I refused to give up. I fought with everything I had, using my training and my determination to stay alive.

The fighting was fierce and relentless. We were holding our own, but it was clear that the Germans were determined to push us back. The snow was falling harder now, making it even harder to see. I remember feeling a sense of desperation as I fired my weapon, hoping to hit something, anything.

As the day wore on, the fighting only intensified. We were running low on supplies, and we were cold and hungry. But we refused to give up. We fought on, hoping that reinforcements would arrive soon.

But it was not enough. On the second day of the battle, the Germans broke through our lines. The sound of their tanks and artillery was deafening, and I knew that we were in trouble. We fought back with everything we had, but it was no use. The Germans were too strong.

I remember feeling a sense of despair as I watched my fellow soldiers fall one by one. We were running low on ammunition, and we were surrounded on all sides. It was clear that we were not going to make it out alive.

As the Germans closed in, I made a last stand. I fought with my bayonet and my fists, determined to go down fighting. But it was no use. In the end, I was overrun, and I was killed.

Months later, an American patrol stumbled upon my journal. Inside, they found my final entry, written just before the German attack.

"My dearest family,

I don't know if this letter will ever reach you, but I want you to know that I love you more than anything in the world. As I sit here in my foxhole, waiting for the enemy to attack, I can't help but think of you. I pray that I will make it out of this alive and come home to you, but I know that the odds are against me.

There's something that I need to tell you. I've been struggling with this for a long time, but I've finally come to accept who I am. I am transgender. I know this may come as a shock, but I hope that you can accept me for who I am. I've always felt like I was different, and joining the military was my way of proving to myself and others that I am just as capable as anyone else.

I died fighting for what I believe in, and I hope that my sacrifice will help to make a difference. I want to live in a world where people are judged based on their character, not their gender. I hope that someday, everyone will be accepted for who they are.

I love you all so much. Please take care of each other.

Your loving daughter and sister,

Private First Class Sarah Jones"

Sarah's words hit me hard when I read them. I couldn't imagine the courage it took for her to come out to her family, especially during a time when being transgender was not understood or accepted. But what struck me even more was the courage she showed in battle.

Sarah fought fiercely for what she believed in, both on the front lines and in her personal life. She refused to let anyone tell her that she was less than them, and she was willing to die for her beliefs.

As I sat there, reading Sarah's final entry, I couldn't help but feel a sense of admiration for her. She was a true hero, both on and off the battlefield. And even though she did not survive the Battle of the Bulge, her legacy would live on.

I closed the journal and looked up at the sky. It was a clear day, and the sun was shining bright. The world had moved on from the horrors of World War II, but Sarah's words and her bravery would never be forgotten.

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DAYUM! That's pretty good. ChatGPT?

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Yeah. It always has to end on a good note, even if you do get it to kill a tranny. 😂