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The cache has been out there a year and a half. I opened it up to see its condition. Some light rust on the Dinty Moore stew can, which I replaced. Everything else looking good.

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The solar panels being crooked is a funny story. I was building the mount out in the woods in hurry, with supplies I brought with me. It's made out of Kindorf hardware. I ran out of some pieces I needed to finish it, and I was 50 miles away from home. So I zip tied the rest of the panels in place. Still haven't gotten around to fixing it, so the panels are crooked. lol

The lesson here is: make sure you have your parts lined up before you go. Civilization is a LONG ways away.

I have to change this mount to add another panel, so I will fix it then. Adding another 100W panel and making the mount longer. Making a second mount right next to it to hold two 320W panels. Total solar install will be 1240W.