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I couldn't decide whether your post was funny or insightful. Maybe it's both!

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It doesn't matter if you take the nigger out of Africa and into Europe, it's still a nigger.

It doesn't matter if you treat the nigger like a white person it will always act like a nigger.

Just because these creatures can feel (some of) the emotions we feel and can be made to learn our languages (poorly) doesn't mean they deserve the same rights treatment and expectation as us.

Mind-boggingly, there's enough evidence that whites actually know this even if not expressed verbally.

While whites (actual people) are expected to be living examples of tolerance, understanding, and empathy, the nigger is not at all expected to reciprocate these values, because everyone knows the nigger can't do it and if held to that standard the whole show would be over in a day and all these holier than thou liberal retards would have to admit the world we live in is a flawed one with mandatory suffering.

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Ultimate redpill but u/socks will deny this

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I prefer tranny balls and child spit myself. But to each their own.