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  • Space Chem [same maker has a bunch of other games I'll most likely try out this winter] Hard to explain though the title covers it.

  • TIS-100 [oh heh, didn't know it was the same maker, could have figured though] A puzzle game in which you have to write some sort of assembly(er) only with multiple processors. It's about a spy/encryption machine and has a need little story and hidden objectives (also a pretty extensive manual)

  • Slay The Spire [early access but still very playable, weekly updates/challenges] A deck building rogue-like (don't worry, all the cards come with the game). Very addictive when you die, but when you succeed you either choose another character or let it lie for a couple of weeks

  • Into the breach [From the makers of FTL (check that one out too, very nice)] Puzzle time-travel turn based strategy/puzzle game. Save humanity (or not) over and over again (rogue-like elements)

  • KeeperRL [also early access, sometimes Linux support breaks for a couple of weeks] It's a rogue-like DUNGEON KEEPER like game, only nice 2d with optional ascii sprites (but the default sprites are awesome 2d art). Very enjoyable. Build the ultimate evil lair!

  • Sunless sea [There is a sequel Sunless skies or something, but haven't played that one] An atmospheric story driven game, nice art and cool lovecraftian vibes. Gets dull after a few days, but when it's a stormy night it's very enjoyable.

  • Caves of Qud [nethack+++++++++++] Very nice science fantasy RPG & roguelike epic. It’s set in a far future that’s deeply simulated, richly cultured, and rife with sentient plants.

  • Paper Please [Be ready for feels] A dictatorship border-guard simulator

  • Darkest Dungeon [indie with some DLCs] As the url implies a Lovecraftian rogue-like, hire people, keep them fed, happy and SANE while delving into the pit's of what lurks beyond hell.

  • Don't starve [There is a multiplayer version (Don't starve together)] A surreal survival/craft game, don't die/starve because starting over is a PAIN (unless you unlocked a new character).

That should give you something todo! Some of the games already made it to mobile or even switch platforms!

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Wow, thanks for the list! I'll definitely check some of these out.

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Dungeon Keeper is fun, I might have to check out KeeperRL

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Factorio, CIvilization 4, Stardew Valley

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Factorio is the best game, I was playing it last night actually.

Also this is a good free flash game that I really enjoy playing on vacation and stuff. It's strategy based and you have to build a network to take over the level, it's kind of like factorio in that regard:

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Nice, creeper world looks pretty epic. I'll give it a go.

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Evermore makes a new map every day. It's fun to try and get them under 20 mins, or under 10 mins if you're an expert ;)

But it's a completely random new map, every day, forever. Plus it's just a well-made game

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Civ 4 isn't 2d is it? Thanks for the suggestions though, Stardew Valley looks nice.

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Yeah Civ 4 might be 3D. If it is I substitute Alpha Centauri. Cool man, happy lofi gaming.

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(Huh, the topic is 5 months old)

Ah, VVVVVV must be mentioned. Game is short, simple, sweet and difficult (although not all that tough). In addition, the game has a level editor, which means you can download levels from the distractionware forums. If you don't want the main campaign and want the custom levels (or just want to get an idea of the game), the Make and Play Edition is available completely free of charge.

Also the soundtrack is one of the best retro chiptune OST you could listen to.

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This topic is 8 months old, and still no one has mentioned Rimworld. How is that possible? xD

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Isometric work? If so dofus and wakfu are 2d ish

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Hollow Knight is a great Metroidvania if you're into that.