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This paragraph stood out to me:

As a parent, though, I’ve discovered that there’s a fine line between omission and deception. A big part of raising children who are competent, independent, and confident in wild places is teaching them to assess risk and effort based on their own barometers. This will help them develop an internal dialogue that works for them, whether as the sweet-talking cheerleader or the tough-talking truth sayer. They can’t manage their own expectations and output if you’re always narrating the story for them. Sooner or later, you have to get out of their way.

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I once got really wound up with a toddler asking me "why, why, why" about everything just to be annoying.

My mum said to me "when you used to do that I just used to turn it round and say 'well, why do you think it's like that?"

So she created this monster.