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Yeah, innocence and a lack of knowledge of evil is definitely a part of it. As a child we are shielded from a lot of the problems of adults, the boredom and apathy that many modern working people experience every day, the loss of friends and family members that comes with getting older, the pain of strained relationships and strife that is often hidden from children.

What I really worry about is the younger generation that is constantly on their phones and tablets. I feel like they've lost many of the joys of childhood and coming of age for the constant but muted dopamine drip of constant scrolling and newsfeeds. Add that to the lack of the ability to really connect and communicate with others in person, and we have a serious problem going forward.

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They take joy in the simple things adults ignore. The world is full of wonder and suprises for them.

Partly this is just how the child's brain is set up because they are more observant than adults. We lose some of our observation ability as we get older so that we can focus.

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Only men lose those abilities, because men are condemned by nature to be miserable working and fighting machines and sperm dispensers.

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I could object partly ... In my personal simulation most "adults" rather loose their ability of imagination.

Their "fantasy", so to say. That is why people like me e.g. , who never lost but

(with some neurological "magic" happening nobody actually seems to understand so far)

strengthened it are called "schizophrenic", i could suppose.

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Because they have very low intelligence, and are easily entertained.

Plenty of kids are sad sacks or constant criers. Some are straight up sociopaths who love hitting other kids.

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For men it's because they're hardwired to become angry, depressed and arrogant so that they fight. For women it's because our species is hardwired to raise them to be entitled and used to having everything handed to them.

Behind the scenes it's the archons wanting to establish a love of life when people are most susceptible and responsive, then make life a living hell after that. They think it's funny driving us to insanity, which is why they created the matrix and made us live life in it, but they want us to have an irrational love of it so that we protect it at all costs and keep coming back for more. That's the real reason. Don't trust them and don't go into the tunnel of light when you die.

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don't go into the tunnel of light when you die

Where else are we supposed to go?

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Wherever else you want

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I should have been more specific. What other options are there? How do you know there will be other options?

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There has to be, or nothing makes sense. Secondly, almost all the firsthand reports say the same thing, except for which deity supposedly greets them, which is usually the one they believe in.