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normies say life has any purpose you give it…

If a statement and it’s contrary are equally true then truth itself doesn’t exist.

In this sense what people are saying is that they give themselves a subjective purpose, not an objective purpose like some externally imposed one (by God etc). So your conclusion "truth doesn't exist" can't follow from that.

And if it doesn’t, morality is just a game that everyone pretends has rules.

Morality is something that's ingrained in you by your biology and culture. Different people have a different sense of morality. Psychopaths allegedly have different something different in their brain for example.

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If a truth and it’s contrary is capable at the same time, we can possibly infer that although truth is subjective it is objective. Since truth cannot contradict itself, there must be no truth. And if truth doesn’t exist, it follows that moral truth doesn’t ether.

If someone says the purpose of life is A and another says B, and they are contrary they cannot both be true. Saying it’s all subjective just means that there is no actual meaning but you just make one up.

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Saying it’s all subjective just means that there is no actual meaning but you just make one up.

Yeah, but that's the world I'd say we live in. Still doesn't make me wanna go on a gun rampage in a mall.

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s/iAmVerySmart ; this is a word salad that doesn’t connect. Your premise, support, and conclusion are all like taking an America outlet and plugging in an English power cord. It doesn’t make any sense.

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Try to understand the words.

If people say life means whatever you want, they’re actually saying that the meaning of life is not a truth but a preference, like a flavor of ice cream. But then they are saying there is no meaning in the sense of truth itself.

If this is what they claim, they are blackpilled.

If they still insist their life has a meaning, but insist that life means whatever you want they violate the law of non contradiction when it comes to the meaning of life.

If they violate the law of non contradiction it means that contraries can both be truth and truth itself doesn’t exist.

If truth doesn’t exist, neither does moral truth.

If moral truth doesn’t exist, the rules of morality are an illusion.

If the rules are morality are an illusion, you can do whatever you want as long as you avoid punishment.

This is also blackpilled.

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Religious people sometimes use this sort of argument in debates... It's not very persuasive to me as an atheist though.

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Logic is not persuasive to you? Okay.

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Subjective feelings (subjective meaning of life) and objective facts ("you are here to be tested before God" or something) are not the same. That's the main problem with this argument I think.

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There is no such thing as subjective truth. It’s a category error disguised as some deep concept.

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Sure, and I'm not saying it is. There is only objective reality. Doesn't mean that people can't have personal opinions and views (such as what the meaning of life is) though.

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Instead of calling it an oxymoron like “subjective truth” just call it an opinion.

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Yeah, that's what it is. I don't think I used this phrase.

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Yes, but you meant that thinking there is a purpose is the same thing as there really being a purpose. If everyone can feel there is a purpose and they all contradict each other, there is none.