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This is an google-translated almost complete excerpt from an German article: Warum Krieg? i value importantly.

Sadly deepl wouldn't translate more than 5000 characters without pathetically trying to make me pay for it.

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Everything that promotes the development of culture works against war."

I'm not so sure about that, conflict is a tremendous catalyst for growth. I don't have much respect for Freud in general.

I think they're working off several false assumptions from the get-go, one being that war is wrong. Are two ant colonies fighting wrong? It's nature. I don't desire war but it's in our nature, and it can be productive.

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The most-pressing "problem" i can't overlook that finally has to be made a political priority goes like this:

Cultural and "social" development lags too far behind towards technical development.

When you pull this concept down (so to say) again to actually see better what i mean, look at this:

Every "new" market that is at first made then walled then mono- or oligopolized and then monetarized by these "internet-giants"

(actually they are more like giant armies of ants led by most hipsterest bobbleheads (with a lot of "computing"-power and harddisk-space ) that are payed, brainwashed, doxxed, gaslighted or simply extorted) actually is steered by the famous tick-congregations behind closed doors to push their private "particular"-interest "agendas" - so to say -

actually is extremely hard to regulate and force to behave in a democratic sound sense from a legislative perspective.

Because not only do the same ticks pushing these agendas have an army of lobbyists with suitcases full of money (<- "toilet-paper" simulating pseudo-"value") pushing the political bobbleheads into the "direction" they want them to "rule" but also they stay ahead in time of democratic "development" so to say by influencing politics because otherwise they couldn' test well-enough

whether there is enough money (a replaceable word for the famous "digital dividend" from Mrs. Shoshanna Zuboff ) to "make" in this new "use-case" of their very old strategy of siphoning real values from societies, groups and whole countries into their most private but very badly hideable (an ego thing, for most of them) private pockets.

Just look at Jeff Bezos e.g. literally showing off his total inner emptiness) by letting others build a yacht to virtually enlarge his micro-ego for a billion dollars.

After his recent trophy-, now ex-wife literally fucked him out of any microscopic ego he until then could hold onto in the public.

This ain't fiction ! This is the simulation of reality they pretend to let us live in for people that actively want to believe or "see" it !

But (the light at the end of this very dark tunnel, finally):

Every human being that actually wants to break out of their simulation for us "simple" people actually can do it !

It "just" has to stop to listen to or watch all their bullshit-[MSM](-simulation 24/7, finally !

And look at more than one source regarding one point of his personal "input" interest to even be able to develop a point-of-view on it that is worth being named this way !