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A philosophy forum? I am not exactly sure what to think of that proposed idea. On one hand, it sounds nice, but how I would benefit is uncertain to me. I would probably just create a forum that mainly focuses on art, but also allows for other kinds of discussions. However, I do not currently possess the expertise to build a forum, but I do entertain the idea of making one in the future.

On another note, apologies for the late response.

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Do you think Mona Lisa was a Democrat or a Republican?

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I assume you are making an oblique point, so I will steelman your comment.

Claim: Mona Lisa (the person shown by the famous painting) was neither Democrat nor Republican. The Mona Lisa (the painting) was neither Democrat nor Republican because those terms apply to a society that was created long after the Mona Lisa was created.

Your unstated insinuation is that using "right wing" and "left wing" to describe premodern societies runs the risk of bad historical mistakes such as "presentism."

Did I interpret your comment correctly?

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Did I interpret your comment correctly?

You did actually. I am actually rather impressed, you show a grasp of both sarcasm and subtlety that is uncommon on Saidit. Now that I see you are a sentient being I will attempt more straightforward commentary in the future