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Just posted these ideas for improvement:

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Hey! Just found this. Thanks!

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Not immediately critical, as I'll be referencing this post again soon, I hope to establish these ideas in our collective SaidIt consciousness overlapping several other forthcoming concepts. This is one of several building blocks.

If it were critical I'd post on a weekday around 1-2pm Eastern Time. All other times and weekends are a crapshoot whether SaidItors will even notice.

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Reddit without crazy admins was close to perfection. Its specialized subs are the best. If not for its admins suddenly cancelling gender differences, I would still be there. Even with censorship, it has no rivals. Because freedom.

Once your democratically elected team is established and starts securing its position, would they have to play with immigration/emigration of loyal/disloyal users, or will you just let them openly ban politically wrong people? Are you going to force them to rely on selective justice to justify repressions despite being democratically elected?

The problem with 1-10 votes is that I don't know how much I like it. I just don't. I can upvote relevant posts and downvote spam, but anything above this becomes stupidly hard to calculate.

In case a government of democratically elected demagogues drives away the coding team in the name of equality, who would manage the code?

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Thanks for the feedback!

I wouldn't expect any next-gen forum we create to compete with Reddit for quite some time, partially due to it being so entrenched and established, partially due to the corporate media only referencing it as if none others existed (much like the pop-recognized brand names of Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and YouTube), and partially because it will take YEARS for any specialized content like /s/MaxHeadroom to accumulate enough posts to be worthy of comparison, regardless of how much is censored. However, just as it wasn't futile to start SaidIt, I don't think developing the next thing is either - even if it takes 20 years to accumulate.

Your questions are excellent.

With some Libre-Festos (name subject to improvement) to lay down the fundamental philosophies and purposes (and maybe some clear linguistics for understandable communications) for future referencing (akin to people always referencing the Constitution), the Team can always refer back to their "mission statements". The wide pool that makes up the Team would determine how they self organize, the rules they set for themselves, how they add or subtract members, and for what reasons. ALL of this would be 100% transparent in the open, and the masses could weigh in too. It would be much harder to be corrupt if people were calling out your bullshit. It's not impossible there could be some long-term infiltrators who would play the part until they decide to try to subvert things. With everything backed-up, downloadable, and decentralized, the corrupt should never be able to stop the righteous-corruption-resistance that would be spread out over countless indie-hosted instances.

Importantly, the first Teams will be critical. In fact, I would expect that several tribal teams would emerge. It's easy enough to list a few: Liberal, Conservative, SJWs, Alt-Right, AssTrolls, and Non-Partisans, among others. I would expect different ways of doing things. IMO we need to first look at all the things they agree on and share in common to be the baseline, with flexible customizable options to tailor for each tribe.

I agree that votes don't mean much, other than people noticed them. There are countless brilliant posts that go unnoticed. Further, a lame dad-joke can get the same votes as the most insightful post. The MetaVote™ concept I have in mind, along with the GUI, should revolutionize things and usher in simple yet qualitative new dimensions to distinguish content. (I like using the TradeMark because it's funny, and because I believe it could be truly revolutionary.) I really hate being so mysterious about it, but I'll need to illustrate and make a brief animation it to explain what I mean and how simple it will be for the user, yet complex in execution. To explain it in text only would do it a huge disservice.

Democracy is NOT always the answer. For example, here on SaidIt I wouldn't trust it. I am biased. I would never allow Socks or Chipit on my Team, though I suspect they might have enough fans to be elected. More importantly, IMO, would be the Manifestos that would clearly define the fundamental goals and objectives. Furthermore, I have deeper ideas about "Manifesto-Nesting" that I will go into eventually.

Obviously I can't do everything. I cannot code. As I do now, on our devices and this site, I will have to trust the code, built by others. /s/FLOSS is the only way to do this. My list below of other critical criteria needs to be considered WHILE planning and building, NOT as an afterthought. To add these features after it's built would not be efficient, elegant, and could be insecure, problematic, or even impossible.

  • Archiving / Blockchain / Shards / Torrents
  • Crypto / Rewards / Statistics
    • Not sure if these are all tied together.
    • Statistics is a whole other conversation, including how things are MetaVote ranked, privacy, transparency, etc.
  • Decentralization
    • Indie-Servers for self-controlled environments (ie. home, work, car, etc.)
      • Plug & Play / Basic / Advanced / Expert
  • Disciplinary System (perhaps even without admin)
  • /s/FLOSS = Free/Libre Open-Source Software
  • Forum Functionality
  • Modes
    • PC / Mobile / TV / Other
    • Plug & Play / Basic / Advanced / Expert
    • Light / Dark / Other
    • Default / Disability
    • Simple Customizations / CSS Themes
  • Searchability
  • Transparency
  • User Preferences & Vanity Projects
  • Wiki (Much more robust than Reddit/SaidIt, ideally like MediaWiki, perhaps better.)

Maybe I'm talking nonsense but coding these aspects to be separate modular systems may be beneficial, to be housed and interacting within an overall architecture module feeding an output GUI module. Swapping out modules and/or being flexible to introduce new modules may be a good way for the project to evolve over the years.

This is just off the top of my head. I'm guessing I missed some.

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Second project I want you to check out, is how created a youtube alternative based off the blockchain. They did it right! Check it out. You have a wallet, they give you free crypto so the user will never put their own money in, that answers a question u had on a different post) Users can give content creators they like crypto as a tip. Everything is stored on the blockchain so you can censor it. Really nice project that works.

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Thanks! I'm already on LBRY/Odysee. I've posted stuff from there, and have it listed in /s/DecentralizeAllThings/wiki

* "never censor it."

I still have concerns about buying popularity. Then again, there are even obvious concerns here on SaidIt without rewards.