Moving forward: Let's discuss fair, open, accountable, consistent, and honest social management systems - and the future of our forum.


Moving forward: Let's discuss fair, open, accountable, consistent, and honest social management systems - and the future of our forum.

I'll start.

My desire for fair, open, accountable, consistent, and honest social management systems will never die.

However, this post concludes my petition campaign to find out what happened to and either condemn and/or to restore /u/diogenesjunior. I won't cry for /u/bobbobbybob, and unfortunately I won't continue any renewed campaign for yet another casualty and my friend, /s/AmericanMuskrat, though we'll meet again soon enough. Why? To focus on solutions for this SaidIt community of ours.

A glimpse into some of my reasoning explains part of my motivation for some of the recent progressively escalated drama. To the core of the matter, as I stated: "This [exposure of our problems] has all been necessary to motivate the folks to the changes we NEED as times are strange, the global tyranny WILL get worse, and things will never get better unless we all collectively prepare our resistance properly." I also said: "I do not WANT to set up my own home servers or home gardens but I know WE ALL NEED TO. It NEEDS to be done to prepare for the future before it's too late to organize properly to resist the technocracy. Not just a guy or two - but ALL OF US co-hosting our own instances" and being self-reliant, independent as possible from the globalists' technocracy and their tyranny.

This is my last plea for an honest discussion. I'm not demanding anything like he justify himself, and I have no more bait nor dilemmas for him. I've always been as open and honest as I can be. I'm simply openly asking /u/magnora7 to please engage us with your views and reasons for so much secrecy. Obviously M7 is not a horse, and this isn't water, but it is a perfect opportunity to help me quell the SaidIt disruption we've both partaken in. Obviously this is an open-ended invitation without expiry.

To our wonderful SaidIt community, I implore us all to restore peace and mend optimism in our community. You may consider this call for a truce hypocritical bullshit coming from a jagoff comedian animator like me. From a limited perspective I would agree. As glimpsed (linked above), I stated: "SaidIt is about more than the owner. Now that it's open and honestly exposed, we can address it, fix it, build on it, and plan for the future. Drama has a purpose, in stories and in life. We wouldn't appreciate the highs without lows and vice versa. With this shitty shit behind us (at least for my part) we can accept it and move on, evolve, and do better. [...] There is no need to demonize if there's now a way forward."

In another comment I said: "It doesn't have to be like this. It doesn't have to be one person going it alone. It doesn't have to be one person's choice. It doesn't have to be a singular judge, jury, and executioner. These should be community choices or at least choices from authentic community representation. Will there be challenges when the community grows? Fuck ya. Deal with those, together, as they develop."

And: "I don't know how Reddit was when they had these issues, but obviously something went wrong well before they sold out. Might have simply been the absence of decentralization, though I suspect it was a confluence of circumstances, intentional and/or not, that created the perfect storm that it's become."

Also glimpsed (linked above): "SaidIt is built on the shoulders of ye olde Reddit giants, and whatever comes next will be built on the shoulders of our own /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr SaidIt giants. Like it or not, all these trials and tribulations are the legacy and a huge credit to their critical blood sweat and tears along side the tenacity of the sharing community and their critical and critical (2 meanings) content."

What is the way forward? Whatever comes next? What are these "solutions"?

"We obviously have problems, but we're working on solutions." This will be my new mantra. You will hear this again and again and again - and I invite you to join me in repeating it. Why? Linked, I state our fundamental recognition and motivation: "We'll need to never forget that we currently have these problems but we're not gonna blame nor dwell on them anymore with grander plans for a brighter future. [...] _Ideally it should build up anticipation and a desire to finally try it out and/or outright migrate [to OUR new decentralized fora]. All the while we must repair the community with hope and restore good will within it while not abandoning our history, our purpose, and our more stable resilient future."

If you're interested in actively participating in our future communities, subscribe to /s/PhoenixForum to discuss ideas, to develop manifesto goals, guides, and rules for better forum social management, as well as to philosophize about the future of social media and develop vaporware for a next-generation forum with more robust features.

Some of us want to use Session ( for a open-source decentralized invite-only private group chat. They fear repercussions. Maybe they're right to be concerned but we can always create backup contingencies. Personally, I would prefer all the discussions to be out in the open here on SaidIt for others to learn from and/or participate in. Some may wish to keep private who's actually building their own instance, testing, etc. IMO, even all of this should be open except the hosts may prefer their site address be limited only to their trusted-teams during preparations. We may avoid miscommunications and confusion by being open to all while clearly on the same page, here at home, on SaidIt. Of course when it's ready to launch we'll make a large announcement and invite others to co-host their own instances. Feel free to offer open (or private) feedback.

But how will others co-host their own instances? Subscribe to the new /s/Decentralize4Dummies to share and get advice, assistance, tutorials, gear recommendations, resource management, etc. on how to participate in the many open-source, decentralized, and federated projects out there, including PeerTube, Mastodon, IPFS, crypto, and of course SaidIt-like Lemmy or Lenny (a Lemmy fork without SJW censorship of words, in need of more than just one guy fixing the rigged code). Ultimately the goal is to get as close to plug-and-play as possible so more and more people can participate in The Decentralization Resistance™ to the technocracy.

But how can I remain anonymous and host an instance? These are discussions for /s/PhoenixForum and /s/Decentralize4Dummies. I've already shared one idea privately.

But how will /u/JasonCarswell lead this "mutiny"? Importantly: I'm not the leader. IMO there should never be a "leader". By my actions I've made our SaidIt problem crystal clear to all. This paradigm shift is already underway. Secondly, it's not a "mutiny". I can't speak for anyone else other than myself, but I plan to move way past all this petty though illustrative drama to focus on solutions which may or may not include me having my own Lemmy/Lenny instance. (My next series of posts will explain, but as I stated: "All of my forthcoming interactive projects are focused on reaching out to the masses with high-end quality edutainment worthy of seeking out and looking forward to. Everyone is welcome to participate and help develop these. I hope you'll bring your skill sets, talents, interests, and share in our projects, then share them with the world.")

Critically, SaidIt still has an important role and will still have a future, whether M7 chooses to participate or not in its evolution - it is happening. It may be as simple as my New Idea: Filtering STABs On SaidIt or it may be something else entirely. We may fail in our endeavours, but I expect not. We may take time, or have rapid growth. Regardless the future can and will be ours, including SaidIt and M7. Who is "us"? It's up to those I know of to come forward as they see fit, and for those I don't know of to step up openly, privately, or not at all, yet - as you like.


The resistance evolution has started on


SaidIt Projects

More project pitches coming soon
Much feedback wanted
Many positions available
Prepare to do something
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