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Good vid. I happened to stumble across a similar video yesterday:

I suppose in some cases it's wilful misrepresentation in order to secure funding - both from states and private investors, and in other cases, like science writers, it's a case of not really understanding the situation.

The Wikipedia article is predictably confusing. It's not enough to distrust Wikipedia on political matters. It's also important to not trust it when there's a lot of money involved.

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once, in a galaxy far far away.

It isn't near. Not even close.With all my honesty. to my new bff

I read all their shit. The actual chinese reactor that just now flew down the memory hole is also fake.

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It is the power of the future and always will be.

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Meaning it will never be achieved? I believe it.

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I severely radiated myself three times. So even when i'm on your side, i can't be and of course the owner of this sub can see my dilemma here. He did at least as much physics as i did.

I am severely radiated. Mainly from Thorium. And still i live.

Since i told you to be honest: This is my disclosure.

It is a miracle because i suffered in on instance more than 800 Gy.

Some people are born for this experimental physics shit, especially mathematicians. Some are not.

These people see their scrota crumble and they die of cancer.

So well guess what: This is obviously not my prophecy.

My liver and both my kidneys still are alive.

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Thorium is a bad product indeed. Weaker than Uranium in radioactivity, but still bad.

Thorium is a also side product from mining that can better be used safely ((!), instead of sitting around as garbage.

My preference goes to fusion based on electrical currents. From experiments we can see that electrical currents or strong electromagnetic fields can assist in nuclear reactions. But we have little experience in how this works.
It can also help in transforming radioactive waste towards less dangerous substances.

There are some project working on it:

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I'm at home here. Thanks man. :)

You made this day of mine.

p.s.: You got a source of lets say 6 metric tons of hydrazine ?

I'll pay top dollars, i promise.