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My high school instructor was a U.S. Marine F-8E Crusader mechanic in Vietnam. Their planes would not carry ordinance and were used only for low-level reconnaissance. He sad they would comeback with bamboo spears and arrows lodged into the bottom of the planes. The villagers would use hot coals to make the ends hard as steel. Most of the time, the pilots had no clue until they landed and got out of the plane.

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A properly prepared piece of meat can be cut with a spoon. Tell me they butchered a cow with it, or were able to cut anything tougher than lettuce after using it on a granite countertop LOL

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Was it heat treated?

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Boiled to delingnify and then pressurized to make it dense, so basically, yes.

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I wonder whether they'll have this kind of knife in the airport restaurant.

The video is fun. Needs a bit more work before it can fully replace metal nails!