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Look closely, there is a 4th dimension.

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A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind.

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tesla said ether is, instant transmission is possible

einstein said no, nothing is faster than light

quantum physics has entangled particles which allow instant transmission

tesla was right, einstein is a fraud .. lets start fixing things

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This guy simply doesn't understand the purpose of science. The purpose of science is to create theories/models that have predictive value. The question of what is a real is a philosophical question, not a scientific question. And on this question, I side with the Old Testament against Plato in saying that the theories/models or what is in our mind is all we have and to talk about reality in an absolute sense is just nonsense. Plato's concept of absolute truth is fundamentally a religious concept that the Old Testament lacks. So the Old Testament is closer to pure science than western philosophy is.

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Mr. Know It All

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Just answer one question: Why do i look young even-though i am old ?

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So i answer myself: Because MY BODY is only part of MY REALITY.

The indestructible part isn't measurable at all.

They called me. Not i them.

It even isn't arrest able, if i start to phase. In-between.

But if i am forced to do that, it gets nerdy. Quite quirky even. Because i can "jump" with the impulse.

Ever got hit by a train? Wanna? Arrest me.

And the 3-dimension argument gets put to dust.

Where it belongs.

Dimensions live on a logarithmic scale. If this dries your bone.

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So what answer you actually looking for ?

Time-Space, e.g. Maxwell's Tensor at first seems hard to understand.

But once you got it, it actually is easy, math-wise speaking. Don't morph a bee into robot.