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The speaker explains how each scientists made certain assumptions and errors.
He explains why the Loader theory is likely a better model.

The Loader theory is about the energy of the light spreading evenly via waves, and not via a packet (photon).

What is often called a "detection of a photon" is actually the conversion of electromagnetic energy into electricity.
This detection seems to follow a step, but also rises after that.
The step seems to have a threshold with a random energy starting position.

With a threshold, there is no need to use photon-packets.
And still everything else of the quantum world works very similar.
The experiments that investigate differences,
show that the threshold predicts the correct results,
and not the theory of quantum mechanics.

It could be presented a lot better, but this is an engineer speaking, not an actor.

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I've seen other people talk about how the sequence of the experiments and events and all that influenced the conclusions drawn and which conclusions. It's fascinating to think how the ordering of information impacts the assessment of it.