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Not so much two time dimensions but rather the application of a conventional-time quasicrystal that is the projection from a two-dimensional proper crystal. I'm not sure what is meant by "acting like". But whatever it's impressive that they were able to achieve 5-fold extension of stability duration.

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One forward and one back?

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The Penrose tiling pattern is a type of quasicrystal, which means that it has an ordered yet never-repeating structure. The pattern, composed of two shapes, is a 2D projection of a 5D square lattice. Credit: None

A 5D square lattice!!!

...And nobody want credit for it?


By shining a laser pulse sequence inspired by the Fibonacci numbers at atoms inside a quantum computer.

Laser pulses, and Fibonacci, and atoms in a quantum computer???

They scienced their asses off!

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What does it mean?

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I asked if there are two time lines then maybe obe moves forward in time, as we tend to experience it, and the other goes back into the past. At least one physicist has said there is no particularly good reason that we experience time as moving into the future. Maybe they can reverse me.