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Here in the US South it is very real and kids die every Summer to prove it.

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No, children and dogs die when left in them. You certainly cooled the car, and the air in the car, by driving it.

What I don't understand is, why do people leave their dogs in a car, you know, they have the totally easy option of LEAVING THE FUCKING DOG AT HOME. It isn't an accessory.

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Dogs prefer going places with their owners instead of being left at home, and many enjoy car rides. Obviously you shouldn't lock them in a hot car though.

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Since we're talking about leaving dogs in a hot car here, did I need to talk about a dogs preference of riding in a car?

How about this, dog whisperer? If you're going to have to park and leave your dog in a hot car, LEAVE YOUR FUCKING DOG AT HOME. Did I have to really differentiate whether someone is taking a joyride or going shopping? No I didn't. Because the former doesn't lead to your dog being locked in a hot car.

Did you have a point, seeing as we said the same thing?

Sorry for being a dick, but Jesus, this is exhausting.

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Lol, calm down. All you have to do is roll down the windows if you take your dog shopping, nibba. Then again, I don't live in a desert.

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Like I said, I genuinely apologize for being harsh.

I have an issue with obfuscation, and what you said isn't necessarily that, unless I'm being pissy.

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No worries

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Cars can get up to 160F here in the summer. They're like ovens, you can actually make dashboard cookies ( The moving air dramatically cools the temperature, and even opening the door lets out a lot of heat. They sometimes call it 4/55 AC, 4 windows open at 55mph.

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The moving air dramatically cools the temperature,

Movement of air does not cool. Displacing the surrounding warm air does. But I have never felt that the air surrounding a hot car is especially warmer than the atmosphere.

and even opening the door lets out a lot of heat.

When someone leaves their kid/pet in a hot car, they have to open the door to get out. So it isn't any different.

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When someone leaves their kid/pet in a hot car, they have to open the door to get out. So it isn't any different.

When they shut the door and the car sits it heats back up. It’s like opening your oven door, it cools down because you let the a lot of the heat out but when you close the door it heats up again.

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It's probably exaggerated. I remember one incident where temperatures were in the low 70s and someone busted a car window to let a dog out. I thought that was borderline. Just seemed like someone wanting to play hero.

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I would imagine most adult humans can handle 15 minutes of incubating like that just fine. My boyfriend's dad has a story about getting piss ass drunk and passing out in a car in the middle of summer, woke up absolutely soaked in sweat, like he'd just taken a dip in a pool.

Just, ya know, don't leave your babies or dogs in there.

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Unlikely you completely shut off the vents while driving, which would pull outside air in to cool it. Just opening the door to get inside will cool the car quite a bit. If you want to see what happens when the car is parked in the sun without driving, put a thermometer in the car and park it in the sun and see how hot it gets. I don't recommend actually sitting inside and trying it out for yourself, because you could actually pass out and die before you realize it.

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When you opened the door you let the heat out so you were likely sitting in a 90 degree car and not the 130-170 degrees a car that’s been sitting in the sun all day can get up to. Trust me, the next 90 degree day sit in your car for a few hours and you will likely die.

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On hot days, I open my car and it's not uncommon to see a few dead insects on the dash. If it can kill those critters, I wouldn't put a mammal in there.

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It's probably all a matter of time. The body regulates its own temperature and can withstand some impressive extremes, for a short period of time. The bodies of children under 4 (and the elderly) cannot do this as well. Also, to withstand extreme heat, humans and dogs, need to be well hydrated.

Shit parents and shit dog owners, likely have insufficiently hydrated children/dogs while out and about.