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I feel like I am the only woman around where I live who hasn't chosen to suck dicks for some type of support, whether it be emotional or financial or something else. And they all act weak af as soon as they start talking about men. I'm a lesbian, I already don't want to hear about their straight sex life. But to also see them totally pander to the standard bullshit of catering to guys, I just want to hide under a rock.

You talking about how they go on about how we suck at everything reminded me of something that's been bugging me. I am really into birds, joined the local club ages ago, recently quit the whole thing (pandemic made that easier to do). Why? Because the core group is a sausage party of guys who always have had snarky or condescending comments to try to make them feel like they are better at finding and identifying birds than me. They also misidentified a bunch of hard-to-tell apart species that I correctly identified ages ago, only to have an expert come along and tell them they were wrong and that I was right on all of them. They ignored me when I gloated. When I quit the WhatsApp recently I told them that I hated them and one of the bigger assholes begged me not to leave because he thinks I'm a great birder with advanced skill and higher level knowledge. None of these guys EVER gave me a compliment ONCE until I finally had enough of their misogynistic shit.

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The mansplaining you describe is a big reason behind why women always underestimate their skills. It's designed to make women feel insecure and anxious, making us feel as though we need a man to help us. Women are well-equipped to make our own way in the modern world, but men try to bully us into feeling as though we aren't for their own purposes. You end up getting with a man just so he could tell the other men to back off, as men will only listen to those they perceive as being capable of kicking their asses. Male superiority in fields that don't require physical strength is an illusion, carried by their ridiculously over-sized egos and their willingness to dominate and intimidate others. Just look at the current most powerful man in the world, has there been one thing that's come out of Trump's mouth that doesn't make him sound like a total imbecile? The emperor keeps reminding people he has no clothes, but he still is up there where he is, because male hierarchies aren't based on actual competence.

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Most leaderships isn't based on competence, it is upheld to give the appearance of competence. Which brings us to George Bush Jr. A man so incompetent, he could barely read a teleprompter. A person that gave us both the Iraq war, and Afghanistan. So my question for you is as follows, why does the media oppose Trump? Is it because his stupidity, or his lack of support of the military industrial complex that is financially linked to every aspect of our lives? If the media is propaganda, who are they propaganda for when they are not supporting our government, and our president?

As for a lack of confidence, I often feel this comes down to poor nutrition. This effects both men and woman in a similar fashion. Men become territorial for lack of confidence, and woman may feed into this. An example would be, one of my girlfriends who felt rejected because my lack of jealousy over other men buying drinks for her.

Interestingly enough, both situations aren't caused by too much testosterone, but a lack there of. As that testosterone, and by extension the confidence it promotes, does not equate to aggression, but more of a sense of stability and peace. One way of looking at Testosterone is that of a healing hormone, it helps to maintain body functions in both men and woman. And woman are more likely to be lacking testosterone then men are. Where as men's health is effected by their testosterone being converted to estrogen, woman simply do not have enough to begin with. To prevent this, zinc supplements will prevent your testosterone from being converted into estrogen.

In my experience, egos are things that people force, they force a false front in order to appear dominant, and full of confidence. As on the other hand, those who actually have confidence simply don't care for this. They will seem indifferent. Because they are.

It's hard to be independent, when you can't think properly. People tend to pray on those that seem to be of poor health, there is an inherent lack of empathy for those that do not appear to fit the ideal human being pushed by society. Such as my cancer patient client who tells me, the other people she has to deal with, don't treat her as nicely as I do. Something about her puts me off my ease, I'm nervous around her as though something is off. She terrifies me, and in response, I treat her no different than anyone else, because I know that's happening inside my mind.

Yet her admission tells me that others inherently fear her, they do not treat her with indifference as I do, they react to her presence with fear. And fear can often be mistaken as aggression, because it is, fear causes an aggressive reaction. Those who are aggressive towards you are often times simply afraid. Afraid for their livelihood.

This may seem like a long run about, but the gist of what it is I am getting around to is this. Woman need to support their health better, in particular supporting their brain health through an intake of all minerals, plus omega-3. The slouched forward stance of many laborers, particularly older woman is due to muscle weakness. This is a side effect of a root cause that effects their mental health. 2:1 calcium to magnesium is a body builders regiment, which effects every cell of your body, including your mind and nervous system. And woman need more testosterone. Which is why they need the mineral Zinc, to prevent it from being converted to estrogen*. Don't fear butter. General purpose oils are incredibly harsh on your body, the energy your body needs to convert it to useful cholesterol only causes harm. Cut out the middle man and just eat healthy oils like olive oil, or straight up lard. No joke, It's actually better for you than vegetable oils. Really ask yourself, what is cholesterol... Hint. It's a sterol, or modified steroid. Omega-3 no brainer really.

Sleep, we only heal when we sleep. I like to sleep to Mazzy Star, her music is a near monotone dream like state that says next to nothing at all. It's less than background music, and induces a trans like state. I slept 12 hours last night, and 16 the night before that. And I don't care.

In summary: Eat better, sleep better, become a better person. Live without fear. Forget about concepts such as ego. Sigmund Fraud was an incompetent spite filled little man. And you should not base your concept of self upon his works.


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lol wrong sub broski

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It's been a hard lesson but dudes don't want friends, companions, or partners. They want a mirror image of themselves with tits.

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Nailed it!!! ;)

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Pretty much, but lately I'm thinking everyone else is on a deserted island and I live connected to reality and the truth. Just knowing what I know feels liberating because I can no longer be gaslit and my actions are purposeful and authentic. Those who can't see through the matrix are missing vital information and don't have access to true power.

Most recently I've been appalled at how PIV is so normalized and how it's so much more pleasurable for men, guaranteeing them an orgasm and putting them at no risk. I personally find PIV boring at best (painful at worst), it's just like in-and-out over and over again. I'm hetero and don't want a dick in me for that reason. Everything is so reversed in our world, to cater to men, to please men. It's always their point of view that creates the narrative, shapes language, defines things and colors everyone's perspective. "Sex" = PIV. Forget oral or anything else that is much more enjoyable to women.

At this point, IDGAF about men's "empathy" (or lack of) since I don't like them anyway and they get zero emotional energy from me. They experience the world VASTLY different from us so there's little to no overlap between me and them. On the surface level there appears to be a lot of commonality, but underneath it all I can feel their vibe and it just doesn't match me at all.

At the end of the day, I'm grateful for spaces like this where I can talk about it with other likeminded women. Knowing I'm not the only one who sees it and having an outlet to express it helps so much.

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This comment gives me life.

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Its fucking terrible when you havent particularly been gaslit by men due to segregation from them, and then you discover ppf as a young teenager, and then you realize how little power you hold and how everybody is so fucking stupid and delusional in the real world.

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I feel you 100%. And it feels like I'm one of only a handful of women who realizes this. Every woman I know just walks around like this shit is normal.