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I feel so sad for women who were brainwashed to do this.... Men literally opress the whole world with their pps and women are still choosing to submit to them

This is so humiliating

If one woman is humiliated, we all are

Cause society can't see women as individuals

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Imagine being coerced to take one in the ass though. So fucking dehumanizing. Men are repulsive.

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I encourage men that talk of anal to approach fellow men for it. Apparently they have a prostrate stimulation thing that is naturally set up for dicks in butts.

Just follow how nature is already suggesting men’s butts are set up for it, not womens

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I roll my eyes when I hear a woman claim she loves peepee. Yeah right, how? Oh that's right, because you prostitute yourself as a "wife" to secure housing. You love that it squirts money!

After being homeless because society sucks and hates single women, I have zero care to listen to women complain that the things attached to the peepees they claim to love hate them and hit them. I mean, duh?

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Im a virgin

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Goldstar lesbian here!