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Agreed, it's been like a month since the banwave. PPF had a huge following that we don't want to lose. While I'm approved to post there it's also important for the sub to reach the lurkers and new people. If any mods from there are here, please unprivate it soon before people forget.

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Is posting still frequent on it?

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No, because the auto mod is super strict and the mods won't approve posts unless you pester them. Not a single one of mine has gone through.

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How would making it public again change that? The auto mod is super strict.

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I never said that making it public again would change that. I was replying to someone who was asking if posting was still frequent and it's not.

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You commented in a post on said it about Making it public and you complained how strict the auto mod is. Yeah that’s pretty much the same

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I am so lost. I told them posting isn't frequent because of the auto mod. I didn't say anything about making it public.

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It's slow, about one post every 1-2 days

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Agreed as well. I posted a few days ago and got absolutely no responses whereas before it was so active. I miss is so much. This one is good but I still like the Reddit format, as annoying as Reddit is -_-

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Yeah I think it would be much more productive to post on Reddit that you want it opened. This post looks like an mra that couldn’t get approved And wants to troll some more.

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You don’t like it here? Wow thanks. I’ve been trying to make it nice and planned on putting more energy into it. Thanks for saving me the time. Also posting here and not actually on Reddit is so logical. If you don’t like it here please don’t post so I can make it nicer for those that do.

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I don't think anyone is blaming you, thank you for the work you've put in! I think people are just so accustomed to Reddit.

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You are welcome! We can make this more active. I’m really liking saidit so far!

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I think the only real difference between the two is the frequency of the posting. It would be more productive if the sub stopped being private and kick-start other conversations because there were so many people subscribed to it - not many people even know saidit exists

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We can post over there to remind people

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FYI manlet losers are getting a boner over this post And the info you have shared here about PPF.

Our stalkers like pink pill watch, pro male collective and anti pinkpill are salivating that you are lamenting about PPF not being as active. It’s a win for those parasites to bully women’s voices and ability to converse with each other.

harassing women is their personality