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Beautifully written, thanks for saying all of this.

It's so liberating to unlearn alot of what socialization teaches and realize that the marriage/kids trope is not necessary at all. Life becomes much fuller and full of opportunities. Time to spend with family and friends, give back to the community and help those in need, have adventures and invest in self growth.

I think you make some good points about WGTOW. I do like (on the reddit sub at least), that the women talk there about things not related to men, about just bettering themselves etc .... (Similar to femalelevelupstrategy). I agree PPF can be a bit doom and gloom, but I see it less as giving up and more as exposing reality for what it is.

I think the blackpillfeminism crew have given up (I think they state that in their beliefs pointedly), which I don't agree with. We still have to try to help other girls and women.... Realizing the system sucks most of the time for women is liberation, but the next step shouldn't be saying "F it, it's biological, I give up". It should be, how can we a) change the system, or b) Help other women realize the system sucks and protect themselves. That's why I choose PPF over BPF. With regards to FDS I think it's becoming more and more radfem leaning which is just amazing. They already don't support sex positivity and porn which is just glorified sexualization, and I personally think that many of those women are going to eventually realize that guys are not worth it and just stop eventually. So I'm actually glad its targeted towards women who've not given up on men because the market is so big for it, and these women are realizing that 90% or more of men are just useless using them for their emotional or sexual labor.

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You're right about Black Pill being the "given up" ones and Pink Pill being less so, and the energy is definitely different between the two. I guess I'm saying that at this point I'm not sure where to turn to regarding an online community. For me, it's not really about changing the system necessarily or helping other women realize it sucks. I really don't like forcing reality onto women who aren't ready to face it. They're on their own timeline. It's like what you said about women over at FDS, they haven't given up on men and FDS caters to that. But I'm past it and it gets pretty annoying seeing comments that are so male-centric and desperate about finding a partner. So I'm torn between sort of holding their hand and taking them down the rabbit hole slowly, and just saying "fuck it" altogether. I suppose though that any sort of contribution to that sub about the depravity of men helps, so yeah, I can get on that. But I still feel out of place.

Someone today there said "there's nothing wrong with wanting a man"... in my opinion there definitely is. Because why? Why would ANY WOMAN in her right mind want a man? I simply do not understand it. And I mean that literally, I don't get it. There's nothing I get from a relationship with a man. He has everything to gain and I have everything to lose. I'm not even a lesbian, and I find sex with men repulsive because they're rapists and I don't want to be penetrated by unworthy, unwashed dick. My clitoris does fine on its own. I also don't want kids. And I recognize that marriage is for men, always has been. So what is left? They are incapable of intimacy. Again, what is there? These women are still living in a fairy tale and it grosses me out. There's too much to undo. Relationships with men were mainly invented by men for their own benefit. That's it. Outside of procreation, we're not really "meant" to be with them.

As far as WGTOW goes, I do understand that the name is important because for so long women's identity has been tied to men. But it still really bothers me, because it sort of perpetuates that relationship by practically announcing "I don't need men, let's talk about it". No. It's a given that I don't need men. Do we need a name for people who drink water? It's absurd to me.

Now I'm talking about the West when I say this: now that we are not financially dependent on men, most of the oppression holding us back are beliefs and attitudes about women and ourselves as women. The world will take a long time to catch up, but as an individual I'm already there. Again, I feel out of place. I can't emphasize that enough. My reality is full of opportunities to live a great life and I've already started. So rather than changing the system and helping other women, I just want to succeed in my own way free from all the bullshit. At the same time, I know that I live here, right now. And the rest of the world isn't as evolved as I want it to be. So I just don't know what to do.

I'm venting at this point. Had to get these feelings out because they were eating away at me.

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The simplest answer can be the hardest to accept. And you already have it! Be yourself; live your life. That's it. There really isn't much more than that. You don't have to do anything other than that. In time, small numbers of women will mentally get to where you are. Without you even being aware, you may be a living example of another path to a girl, or another woman. Just by being you.

You say you feel like an exception. In this regard, right? Wonderful!! Feel that. Hopefully, you'll come to peace with that feeling. Or at least coexist with it. That's one path to "wise crone"hood, so to speak. Your experiences and knowledge will be needed. Find other connections with people. They don't have to be like you to be friends, do they? (okay, maybe remember to be joyous and grateful, when you're ready. You have your path, and may choose to sidestep drama and trouble in the form of males. Not every woman is capable of that. Good on you!! I'll celebrate for you now, before you can for yourself. Signed, another woman who has been, and continues, on that "I am enough/all I need" path. Edit tried to clarify

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Good post. Well said. Yep, men are misogynist parasites. Starve them out of your life.

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Everything is so different. Like I'll go to the store and literally just not care about the men there. Then I'll go home in an anticlimactic fashion. It's like... this is how it should've always been. No leeches. No parasites. No buzzing flies around me. Just peace.

They stare a lot. And I already know their intentions. It's quite sad how easy they are to read once you take the Pink Pill. And how irrelevant they actually are to anything ever.

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Funny you say that the vibe is that we have given up. A male who I think likes(or liked) me told me the other day that I sounded like I had given up on men. I felt affirmed as a pink pill feminist after he said that. I get pleasure from rejecting men. And I get pleasure telling them that collectively they are failures.

S/N I don't know why y'all keep asking why heterosexual women date men. Being a heterosexual woman means being attracted to men. At the very least, there is a point where you want to have sex with them so of course you date them. If you don't want sex with them then you're homosexual or asexual. Then some women want kids. It's really that simple. Not everyone is content with masturbating into their 70s and living alone. Let's not be obtuse. PPF is not an easy lifestyle for the great majority of heterosexual women. So they absolutely will deal with trashy men if it gives them a chance to be a Mrs. or a mother or get mediocre sex on the regular.

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No, I'm heterosexual and I don't want to have sex with men. Yes, I have a sex drive but I am turned off by trash behavior so that fact will override my desire towards any real man.

I disagree with your assessment. I find it ridiculous that women are willing to go through abuse, pain, and risk everything just to have the child of a disgusting scrote. There is nothing natural about wanting to be a Mrs.

Also, you missed my point. I specifically pointed out that when I say PPF seems to have given up I don't mean necessarily on men.

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You find it ridiculous that women are following their biological urge and societal pressure to have a family? Okay cool.

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The bar is so low for men. Just getting to acknowledge that is liberating. I have a slightly different take than you, I find PPF hilarious. So much wit involved in calling out the absurdities Of male mentality and behavior. They live in such a deluded double standard they are the only ones participating in. Not that women aren’t navigating it daily, yet we have given up on supporting it. It’s become obvious the system they built stopped working for us and their is no turning back and no point in trying to convince us Otherwise. For millennia women could convince themselves we were working for a common goal but that lie has been dispelled completely. The work that their grandfathers put in to build families and sacrifice with hard work is long gone. Now it’s obvious men want to do as little as possible and glean the most out of a situation, but their methods to achieve that are childish parlor tricks and tantrums. No one with even the slightest personal goals can fall for it and it’s made them act like man babies. Most women have had to be clever to navigate a lack of resources men squander and it’s starting to show culturally.

Liberating, empowering they are such overused they are lame buzzwords at this point, but also apt when it comes to pinkpill feminism and they shared experience of mocking and venting moids, pickmes While hanging serious conversations about sexism and women’s subjugation.

I’ve never laughed as much as when I joined Pink Pill Feminism, I need it also, for my mental health

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I think this is a good take. PPF is needed and I'm eternally grateful for it. At the sams time, I can't help but think there's only so many times I can call men out and point out the ugly truth before I start going "okay now what?"

Because I get it. And after a certain threshold there isn't much else to analyze about men and their shittastic crumbling system. "Man rapes", "man shoots family", "man fucks cheeseburger", "man complains about wife not giving him enough sex".......... etc. It's just not surprising anymore. Kinda existential of me to say this but there must be more to life. And yet reality keeps reminding me there isn't much more, that this is it. I feel stuck.

These are my personal feelings that it seems I'm alone on, because not many others here share them. Not gonna lie, that actually makes me feel a bit worse but likely I will come out of this in a few days.

Maybe I need to put my energy into creating something, or into forward movement, into change. Maybe this is what I'm realizing right now.

(I have a lot of feelings that I need to sort through and this thread + most of your replies have helped me with that so thank you)

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You are not alone. I'm right there with you. I think we might be about the same age and followed a similar trajectory. It can take younger women a while to come around but there are more and more of us every day, both online and in real life. I met a 36 year old the other day who is just about there. It's not as uncommon as you think.