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The reason why we categorize men as the default and women as the other subconsciously, is because if we start seeing men and women as distinct but default entities we are reminded of the savagery of the male nature and the empathy of the female, and it would discomfort us to realize that our very lives, our beliefs, and our systems, have been governed, from a meta perspective, by the sex that has killed, raped, enslaved, terrorized, murdered, wounded and destroyed millions upon millions of the human race.

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Yes. Male nature is disgusting. The word people is only hiding that fact. No, let’s show the true animalistic side of MEN, which is so frequently seen.

I don’t care if a bunch of dick panderers try and soothe the big crying man baby, it’s pure reality.

We are endangering women and children by shielding this very fact. We are risking lives by telling women to be kind to men, not fearful at a glance.

Hehe, look what I found:

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This is actually pretty harrowing when you think about it. She's bending backwards for them, insisting she doesnt hate them, and their response is anger that she isn't submitting hard enough.

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A woman can never ever bend backwards enough for men, they'll always want us to be less and less until we're reduced to nothing. I stopped playing the dumb and helpless chick because it was mentally harmful for me and uplifting for them but this was shit I got sold as romantic by society, f it.

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EXCELLENT example!! Her post was right on, and his was typical male!