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I quite agree. Repetition works wonders on the weak minded (which SO many men are). Men themselves admit they prefer to go along ("keep my head down"). A man with a true spine is an exception. Women are the more courageous sex, and demonstrate that fact in so many ways.
I remember the "boys are better at" propaganda in grade school. I also remember my A's and boy's C's, and, being scientifically inclined and reality based, decided it was a lie, and dismissed it.

Edit. I wonder if men's violence against women also stems from this. Men see the evidence of their inferiority a/o failures... Feel (not emotional - haha, sure!). And act out.

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Propaganda and brutality is what spreads this belief system.

More studies yes, but as you aptly pointed out it doesn’t take a study to see the obvious

What we need is a plan and solutions in additions to studying what happens.

I so share your frustrations and could talk for hours about it

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I'm very depressed about it. It seems that we can't win, no matter how much we fight - take the Greater Male Variability for example, men are pretty much smarter than women. I mean, they also have dumber ones too but the majority of nobels, innovations...will always (?) be theirs. I think about how we're much more limited and want to cry.

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Uh... Men aren't smarter than women, their range of variability just extends wider (presumably). More studies needed! So don't make the assertion here that

men are pretty much smarter than women


Let us not forget the women whose work was outright stolen, miscredited, or unacknowledged.

These are just a few examples of slighted women:

Some overlap:

Edit Are you (?) or a troll with that men are smarter BS?

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No, not a troll at all lmao...I've been reading about the Greater Male Variability Hypothesis and it just seems so...unfair. (am I troll simply for saying smth you disagree with?????)

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I have no problem with disagreement. I am suspicious of people who buy into, and expand, without evidence on hypotheses. Perhaps you are needing the definition of "hypothesis" :

Scientific hypothesis, an idea that proposes a tentative explanation about a phenomenon or a narrow set of phenomena observed in the natural world. The two primary features of a scientific hypothesis are falsifiability and testability, which are reflected in an “If…then” statement summarizing the idea and in the ability to be supported or refuted through observation and experimentation.

So, it ain't necessarily true. Suggest you file this particular hypothesis into "possible, but NOT proven!" That disease was caused by "bad humours", was also a working hypothesis, at one time. It was eventually discredited. Edit I added bolding for emphasis

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Can you make the effort to argue for your point instead of simply repeating "sis it's true"

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If you're "not scientific illiterate lmao", You Exposed yourself.

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I'm sorry, I'll try to explain myself better. I meant that men are overrepresented at both ends of the intelligence spectrum (and at many other areas), and that seems be an indisputable fact - as it's supported by a lot of evidence. That's why it makes me sad.

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Troll or idiot? I say both.

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I'm trying to have a civilized conversation but serious things that do impact women's lives can't be discussed, right? We'd rather deny them.

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No pickmes allowed here FYI. So like was suggested, make a point or go. No one in their right mind that did any type of research would make a statement like men are smarter. It’s scientifically disproven so many times so we have to assume you are brainwashed by patriarchy FYI