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I always wonder why men hate us so much. Wtf did we ever do to them? They're sadistic monsters who torture, rape, and murder us and women still fuck them and give birth to even more of them. I can't even handle reading the news very much anymore being too aware of how dark and evil men are all over the world. And we can't broadcast too much criticism about them because they're batshit crazy and will kill us.

I hope the next pandemic kills all of them so we can get a good reset. It feels like we're living in hell thanks to them. They have no idea how terrible they are.

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what i dont understand is the women who continue to coddle and support these psychos. its pretty obvious that most men are batshit crazy and should be avoided at all costs, but stupid doormat pickmes uplift them, make excuses for them, throw other women under the bus for them and provide them with all the narcissistic supply that they need to feed their destructive agenda. its impossible to tackle the issue of male supremacy when at least half of the female population are doing everything in their power to foil the efforts of the truly revolutionary women. until there are more of us who are willing to get serious about this, things will stay the same.

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I'll never understand how a woman can see for herself how violent, sadistic and pedophilic men are and then go give birth to a son.

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I have only browsed 4chan twice and I regretted it. Seriously it is the most depraved site ever. Visiting it as a woman is like voluntary self harming.

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PPF had nearly 20k members and went private it’s not gone. Send a modmail to be an approved user.

Yea they hate us and have an innate instinct to destroy us. They go to war and their “spoils” are to rape and murder us with impunity then they return and are heroes celebrated for their bravery by each other.

I don’t honestly understand why they are in charge when they are hysterical and over emotional and have proven time and agin they don’t have the maturity to lead. I don’t know if we can blame the women that came before us that their violence is why they make decisions that effect us all.

I’ll never understand it, especially when they all espouse how much they love is and are our suooosed protectors. They hate us and want most of us dead unless we serve them. That’s animalistic not humane

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I dont understand women who their nasty dicks into their mouths like what the fuck is wrong with you why you serve those pigs and let them fucking push their genitals into you mouth you idiot men hate you anyway and if you knew what they really think you will get fuckinf traumatozrd you literally serve you opressor men opress women and rape ppl and children with their nasty rats and you still decide to serve them go open any random porn aite and type facefucking and see truth about men idot stop supporting this

I saw so fucking much peadophilic oral sex porn on pornhub of women acting childlike and bubbly while getting literally facefucked by some ugly scrotes

And i wish i could talk to those women and tell them into thwir face how iditic thwy are for allowing mwn to do thos to them

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Majority of those women are most likely trafficed others have been screwed over by liberal feminism and thought it was empowering and now can't get out of it any more.

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