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Their insistence that we shut up about facts is basically orwellian at this point. Like??? You murder, rape, terrorize, genocide, destroy, and youve done this throughout humanity, and youve done this to humanity, and we cant even say it?? Holy fucking shit what kind of clown-world do we live in lol

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They’ve spent millennia oppressing others, yet positioning themselves as victims. They believe if a woman does nearly all the physical, emotional and intellectual labor but wants them to perform even minimal tasks just her talking is oppressing them. I’m Gay and can’t tell you the number of times men have tried to whine about how they can’t cheat and have no consequences. I call it harem building and I’ll say just that. But they think they are being oppressed.

How they pull this off is baffling. You can’t be both oppressor and oppressed simultaneously. Now they have a whole new angle with the trans stuff

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Misogyny is men hurting, raping, oppressing, humiliating, exploiting, belittling (...) women. Misandry is women noticing that men are hurting, raping, oppressing, humiliating, exploiting, belittling (...) women.

(Note that men are perfectly fine with women calling out "other" men: men of other races, religions, countries, and cultures. Men LOVE that shit. But the moment you talk about men as such rather than, say, Muslim men, or making excuses for the evil actions of black men, working-class men, left-wing men, Jewish men, etc. men freak out on you.)

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Men think they can have all the resources but burden women who’ve had to fight for the few resources we’ve had to deal with their problems too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had some moid lecture me about feminism being about equality and then be shocked when I say women aren’t here to fix patriarchy for males you turd lol

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absolutely. cant tell you how many times i’ve been labeled a “man-hater” for simply stating the truth. if me acknowledging the fact that men rape, generally treat women as shit, sexually abuse us, and normalize watching rape on film (porn) makes me a man-hater. then by all means, fuck men. same guy admitted to me that he watched hours upon hours of porn everyday and constantly tried to justify it because “some porn actresses enjoy their role!11!1”. literally everything they say is a projection. i dont spend hours watching men get sexually tortured and abused. he was the true woman-hater. fucker.