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The people that need to be doxxed are the people who are intentionally cultivating a population of dangerous, mentally ill, drug addicted homeless on public property. They are narcissistic psychopaths. These homeless should not be living in tents with guns and drugs. City government and other leftist bureaucrats as good as put them there.

These disturbed homeless people are a biological weapon being used against the regular working peasants of this country by the evil wealthy bolsheviks. Officer Delong wasn’t shooting high enough.

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It is common knowledge that replica firearms typically have an orange tip so that anyone, including trained police officers, can easily identify them as replicas.

Some say it's impossible to paint the tip of a real gun orange in order to pass it off as a replica...

Reading more, it turns out the owner of that site just lies about a wide variety of things, and appears to have 'mental issues'. Downvoted.