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God: Thou shalt not kill.

Government: We shall kill when ever we feel like it and you will shut up about it.

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God: Thou shalt not kill.

Also God: See those people over there that live in the land you want? Kill them all. Oh okay, you can keep the virgin woman and girls as sex slaves. Everyone else, I want them dead.

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My favorite Bible story. I wish the same was done to modern culture, but I guess the number of virgin women would be rather limited.

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So: meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

The way the old testament henotheism seemed ill-fighting in a Hellenistic world dominated by Rome led people to conclude that there must be a God above god(s), and something must be terribly wrong. The way Plato talks about monotheistic God as an ill-defined but separate idea from the traditional gods and the way in the Book of Acts in the Bible mentions Paul telling Athenians that the God he is talking about is the unknown God, which I presume to be the monotheistic God Plato talks about, I think Christianity spread because the people of that time needed something to free them from the confusion all around them and the oppression of the Roman Empire.