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Here's my prediction if Trump wins:

  • mass protests that eventually die down after a couple months

  • 4 more years of what we've had already

  • he leaves office without issues and a democrat wins in 2024

Here's what I think if Biden wins:

  • Trump will say it's voter fraud and may fight it

  • Mass protests that eventually die down after a couple months, depending on how hard Trump fights it

But I think there's like a 95% chance Trump will win. Incumbents almost always get re-elected, and Biden is a terrible candidate. Unless the whole stock market crashes hardcore in the next 3 months, then I'm pretty sure Trump will be re-elected. So I kind of expect the DNC and co to try everything they can to temporarily crash the stock market, to make Trump look bad, to prevent his re-election. Because in their minds, a couple of months of stock market crashes is better than 4 more years of Trump. But I think this will backfire, and it will be a close election but Trump will win again.

That's my prediction.

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Spot on.

I also think they're gonna crash the market again after he wins if they don't do it before, plus unleash more troops in stages to deal with the escalating manufactured crises. Children Of Men comes to mind.

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he leaves office without issues and a democrat wins in 2024

The democrat will also be a far leftist, and likely a woman of color. They probably already have the candidate picked out and preparing for campaigning. We just don't see it since the preparation isn't televised.

Also, I think the stock market will crash after Trump gets reelected. It's being artificially kept alive, but after elections, there will be no reason to keep it pumped.

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I can see Michelle Obama running or one of the woc mayors/governors that has been getting a lot of attention lately.

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excepting a situation where the Democrats end up with majorities in the House and Senate.

Well they already have a commanding house majority. A senate majority is also seeming likely based on the seats up for re-election this year. That being said, they're unlikely to get the veto-proof majority that would be needed to push through any real legislation with Trump in the white house.

Trump, however, is in a precarious position right now. Biden is polling ahead by about 8 points nationally, slightly over twice the 3.8 point lead Clinton had in the polls going into election night. When all votes were tallied, her actual lead in the popular vote was about 2 points, but because she lost with key demographics she ended up losing the election. However, if Biden carries that 8 point lead into election night, he's going to win handily.

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How important was the internet for the original tea party? I could see social media censorship being a big obstacle for any sequel.

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This is why I urge everyone to talk to their neighbors, check out local conservative or Republican clubs, and in general reconnect with their community.

Relying too much on the Internet is a big mistake.

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Thanks. WE ONLY hire friends, e.g. . RL-friends that are approved by our high council.

Its very easy to pull people into your (soon to be decentralized) secured social network on your intranet (bc. the code is completely free and it was easier to setup than i thought), once you are paying them. I was even asked, if i could open it for non-employees but i'm not so far at this time. Maybe i do it, once i've implemented another system into ours that guarantees a third layer of security without any need for cloud-firecracker-flare.

The real fun factor for me in this is that ppl. really believe they aren't working, when they're bouncing some really nice ideas in this system.

Last but most def. not least: There is just no need for any ticket system.

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What about the corporatocracy and all the things they agree about?
ie. COVID, vaccines, no healthcare, fucking the poor, etc.

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Congrats, basically on target!