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Kinda doubt it.

He totally may die before then though.

Or, his VP pick may end up running the show the second he takes office.

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I think you're correct but just remember not to underestimate the extent to which money and power especially, can extend life. I think the plan is Ginsburg Biden long enough to get him into the White House and maybe, if possible, Ginsberg him through 4 years. For clarity, by Ginsburging, I mean to use clearly undisclosed (or otherwise unavailable to the general public) medical tools and tactics to extend life.

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I think you are overly optimistic about how much healthcare money can buy. There really is a substantial law of diminishing returns when it comes to healthcare, no amount of money any one person has can guarantee living to 100 even.

If they could just cure anything, do you think Steve Jobs would of died of cancer at the age he did?

Sure, they can pull some tricks like priority organs if they need them, they can get better surgeons, and go to hospitals with higher success rates, but at the end of the day, how much difference does this really make? We are potentially just talking about months here.

There is no cure to being old.

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Ruth Ginsburg keeps trucking, cancer after cancer. I'm not saying I have evidence, but it wouldn't surprise me to learn that there are medical advances not available to the general public. Maybe they aren't even available for purchase and can only be gained via very high levels of political power.

But ultimately you're right. Entropy wins in the end.

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I mean, sure, she probably has bought herself perhaps an extra year or two with more advanced monitoring than most would get, but I don't think they have any unknown secret treatments for the elite besides the ability to more easily get into unknown untested experimental treatments if need be.

But really, it just comes down to the fact the rich can buy the best healthcare are much more healthcare than an average person (eg, private doctors that can check them weekly), not that they have anything secret.

Again though, the diminishing returns of such things cannot be understated since no secret treatment for the rich exists.

Also; RBG is only 87, and her health issues are on par with someone of that age in the general population. I mean, ya, 87 is old, but it's not really statistically extraordinary either. Im sure there are plenty of 87 year olds in the general population who have less health issues than she does.

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I've heard several other people say this. Big if true.

Who do you think they will replace him with?

Looks like we'll see around August 17 (DNC convention date).

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I have no idea, but it would be whoever they want. They answer to no one.