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You fulfilled your own prophecy

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Much like the Zionists are doing.

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Dang I should have worded it better lol

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Jews: exist

Half of Saidit: ...

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I don't know, all the antisemitism bothered me when I first came here, but now I find it funny.

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You have choices, more than what I'm listing. One is to skip those submissions. Two is to refute the submissions and if better data exists, provide it. Three is to troll the OP for your own delight. Four is to reddit.

You are in control of which of the choices you pick and you can invent your own. You are not bound to read material you do not like, you are not bound to refute material you do not like. You are not bound to any action when it comes to interacting on this platform.

Practice self regulation. It empowers you to get the most out of this, or any platform.

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You are not bound to any action when it comes to interacting on this platform.

Actually, you kinda are; you are expected to be respectful when engaging in serious dialogue or debate with other users as to not diminish the quality of conversation, which is why we have the Pyramid of Debate

It’s part of SaidIt’s Terms and Content Policy

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I'll clarify action and differentiate it from behaviour. An action is you choosing whether or not you will for example, open your browser, read a submission, reply to a submission or create your own submission. Behaviour is what is expected once you've made the choice to perform an action. You choose to submit, you must follow submission policy, you choose to post, you must follow posting policy.

You are not bound to any action. You do not have to read a submission, reply to a submission or create your own content for submission. These actions belong to you, this platform does not require you to perform any of these actions. This is where you practice self control and self governance. Choose your actions wisely and this platform can benefit you.

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most important topic so why not

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Approved. It is very improbable that this won't happen. Like a coinflip and the coin lands on its edge.

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Can someone script a bot that announces when an acct is less than three months old?

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They do seem to have an active and fanatic army of advertising execs, apologists, spin doctors, xtian lapdogs, and Israeli government trolls like the Hasbara, Hasbara Fellowships and the Jewish Internet Defense Force, known for its disinformation spreading pro-Israeli news...and propaganda dismissing any reports deemed to be against Israel. So yeah, no matter where you look, be it Fakebook, Twitter, Saidit, Mewe, etc., you will find lotsa jews desperate for a soapbox, and never far behind will be critics like myself....eager to gleefully point that out.