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They are getting very aggressive to their neighbors. Even Japan has upped its navy recently. They successfully sowed chaos in the west. There will be a very messy, ugly election in the fall to distract the US. They think the US would be too afraid to go back to Vietnam.

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I don't know about Vietnam, but I think you're on to something with China.

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They're sitting on a lot of US-American debt. That's the card i'd have played if i had something to decide in China.

I can see no need for them to lose face in starting a war.

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I'm dubious about any potential conflict between the US and China for this reason. They're too mutually reliant.

What do you think about China starting shit with other countries though?

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They pulled off some dark shit in Greece(bought their own freight terminal in Thessaloniki and sacked every Greek worker there, if i remember right) and Africa (trade resources for weapons) for securing their access to critical resources.

Then there is the "new" silk road growing above that. This one they are building for better control of their trade with the EU, because they know they will need our ideas at some point in the future to grow further. German engineering firms e.g. made a almost complete pullback from China, bc. they know they lost a lot of face in just stealing every new technology they could put their hands on. So they try to come to us. They even adore our culture. You just need to count all the Chinese tourists here. I spoke to them often and for these people it is their "once in a lifetime"-trip, especially Germany. That is why you always see these people with cameras and often running from trip to trip to just get the best out of their money. This one is really sad, i believe.

They are repinering on how to break the dollar supremacy because they are sitting on so much debt from USA, which they don't wanna give up that easily (otherwise the FED just starts printing money bigtime again), i think. They don't want the "smart" part of the EU economy to pull back even more from them, that is why this change in tactics happened, i suppose.

But they can't break it, till a critical mass in access to resources is secured to feed their economy because there most def. is fear in their administration of mass protests (look at their "handling" of the Uigurs, e.g.). You gotta rule > 1 300 000 000 people very carefully, if you wanna keep ruling, that's their main horsefly, i think.

If USA is like a freight train, China is like an aircraft carrier to steer.

And before anyone asks: I got two citizenships.

Maybe i can get more insights on this, once i visited China myself. This is supposed to happen next year.

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So the idea is they would be a target that the US wouldn't protest to because a lot of our debt would disappear?

You would think to the victor goes the spoils including claims to debt. Or is it that China wants more of those claims than it already has?

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The point on this is: They already got you. It is a resource war and they are better at fighting it, obviously.

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I could see this one. China's mask is slipping and it's starting to embrace the piece of shit that it is in public.

Vietnam would probably be one of the least politically costly conquests it could engage in and would help it set the precedent that that's just something it does in its region.