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Hmmm I don't think I believe in this prediction.

YouTube ad revenue was 15 billion in 2019. That was just ads, not subscriptions. Facebook was something like 60 billion in 2019. Reddit ad revenue is expected to top 100 million this year (that's a huge increase from the previous yr). For big companies the ad model seems to be producing revenue.

Guess they can afford expensive programmers. If you didn't have companies paying expensive programmers for speculative shit you wouldn't have things like Google (starting with search in some garage) or NetFlix.

Have you heard the saying that if you are not paying for the product you are the product?

Google uses YouTube (& its other products) to train it's AI. Their investment in cloud computing and AI is where they are trying to gain market share and grow.

My prediction is these services will try to figure out how to make more money off you, exploit their influence over their users, more adware, more tracking every detail about us to sell to any organisation that has $$$ and is interested, use data about us to train the AIs that end up in products and services that we/governments/organisations will pay for. Well that's more of an observation.

I really enjoyed your post, it was something to think about even if I don't believe it will eventuate.

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This is a necessary consequence of the depression that is coming. If it will be hard to maintain all of the services involved in food production and distribution, then some of the more luxurious and pointless services are definitely going to go. A period of self reliance is coming, or at least less consistent external services is coming.

This sounds like an even more fascinating prediction than what you already wrote, haha.

Please make a post about it and why you think a depression is coming!

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Approved. Sincerly.

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    Interesting idea, what internet alternatives do you mean? Stuff like I2P?