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I could definitely see this happening unfortunately.

I fully believe that antibiotic-resistant diseases are real, but I could also see them being exploited to create a panic like you describe.

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It could also dovetail into a universal microchipping program because of the heightened need to be able to track individuals and importance of having readily available one's medical history including vaccinations and status related to seasonal flues, etc. Naturally tech giants like Bill Gates would be in on the ground floor with the launch this new advance in bio-technology.

Concurrent would be a seemingly unrelated escalation of an anti-Christian/religious cultural and political campaign but it will hardly be a coincidence as much of the grassroots resistance against chipping, mandatory vaccinations, and the annual pandemic clamp-downs will originate from the Christian right, which will be identified as the biggest existential threat to the global governance which will be using the situation to exert increasing influence on the US government. The end goal will be to take over the government completely, scrapping our Constitution.

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