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You might notice something disturbing if you look at a world map of closed and open countries.

The elites closed the world for 3 years because of the flu.

Now the world has opened up, but nations are divided into regions.

Southeast Asia is cut off from India by Myanmar and China.

The Middle East is separated from India by Iran.

Europe is divided from Asia by the war in Russia.

The US is separated from Asia and Europe by oceans.

North America and South America are divided by Nicaragua.

This is not a coincidence.

The globalists are planning something big.

The ruling powers don't want you to travel.

You now will be groped, be fingerprinted, need to have visas, and get an ETA to travel.

The cost of plane tickets have tripled. The airlines don't mind if demand has fallen because the higher prices mean that the airlines will still make a profit.

You can see that this is a long term trend because the price of tickets are also expensive in 2024.

The ruling class will use terrorism, Ebola, economic collapse, WWIII, a worldwide Internet failure, global warming, and starvation to get the 99% to move to 5 minute cities.

The globalists will soon ban cash.

The elites want you dead and are rapidly trying to meet their goal.