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    I can't imagine how worthless and annoying you must be that you get your comments removed on this site - a place where /r/greatapes and /r/incels type threads are just fine. Maybe you should pick yourself up off the bottom of that pyramid of debate, and maybe that wouldn't happen, ya think?

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    This has nothing to do with the pyramid of debate.

    If you were paying attention you would see there is no debating with the cheetah, he blocked most of the board his first day here, and chose to act petulant about it the entire time.

    You obviously have no idea what you're talking about here. My comment wasn't removed by a site, it was removed by an independent weakling who has never said a word to me, and I will say whatever I please, however I please in this situation.

    You can't even see the comment, how do you know what I said?

    If I annoy cheetah, good.

    If I annoy you, fine. Block me.

    Maybe pay more attention, worry about yourself, and you wouldn't feel the need to butt in, especially into something you clearly don't understand, ya think?

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    This has nothing to do with the pyramid of debate.

    tbf, you both seem kinda weird, but deflecting won't fix your issues. Also, that comment was there when I replied.

    Overall, better than the average redditer... but why set the bar so low?

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    No the original comment was not there and had been long gone. I don't need your help with my issues. Thanks though. I didn't deflect, this isn't a debate, it's a situation, one you're weirdly getting into. Plus, and man I bet you don't put your foot in your mouth, since you say you saw the deleted comment, go ahead and show me where I name called. There isn't one. Man, now you're just coming off like a busybody, and reading isn't your thing.

    I will pick on cheetah whenever, and however I please and as an adult you have lots of options. But thinking you are helping me isn't one of them. What a normal person would do, in this case, is fuck off.

    You went to a lot of trouble to make an imgur, if you feel all proud inside, that isn't exactly it brother, especially when you are dead wrong. It reeks of self-importance.

    Thanks for all your help though. I learned so much, not about life, but about you.

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    You can't reply to deleted comments. Go ahead and try.

    I was looking at your lulzcow of a rager further down the thread weeping over another deleted comment.

    But considering how nutso and mad you are, I still see it justified.

    Thx for the entertainment. :D

    If you wish to deposit more tears for our enjoyment at your expense, please deposit them below!

    ↓       ↓       ↓       ↓       ↓       ↓       ↓       ↓       ↓       

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    What a smug reddit thing to say. I'm not mad, just dealing with people that can't read with comprehension gets old, there are so many of you here.

    Good day RedditButt. You're so obsessed with reddit you put it in your name? Just go back, that place suits your kind better. Jeez, emojis too, what are you twelve?

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    No American woman ever wanted anything to do with me. Probably for the best since I would have been miserable being married to one. And if I had dated Americans, maybe I would be reluctant to support the extermination of Americans, something I have absolutely no reluctance supporting now.

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    Is that pic AI generated? What's with her teeth?

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    Yeah, it is. I'm not going to post real people's pics online without their permission. AI duplicates are good enough.

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    Obsessed with a fat girl?

    I think it's best not to have philosophical discussions with women. I did in the past when I was red pilled and thought women would respect me more standing my ground. You can't change their minds tho.

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      They didn't say that. Maybe try asking a non-strawman question.

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      They absolutely did fucking say that. And he does daily.

      And I didn't ask a question.

      Are you dense?

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      Yes, that's right, you didn't ask a question. Now that you understand what a strawman argument is, stop making them.

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      I wasn't making an argument. I pointed out facts.

      Man you have a serious problem with comprehension and understanding of the English language.

      For fucks sake.

      Can you understand there are 13 people here, and sometimes a comment on a post has more to do with a pattern than one particular post? Wait, based on your display here so far, I already know the answer to that question.

      For someone supposedly smart, you're pretty dumb.

      None the less, he did say exactly what I said, and has many many times over.

      Why do you folks continue to dig yourselves into these holes by speaking? It's astounding.

      Now that you know what a strawman argument isn't, go read a book.

      So if you're gonna type internet comments, use your head first, so as not to embarrass yourself.

      Doesn't matter anyway, the little bitch got his feelings hurt and deleted the comment.

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      You're really stewing over being called out. I can't imagine how many times you edited that marathon of a comment in a fit of rage.

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      You can't imagine it because you're brain dead. You didn't call me out. You don't know what the words you are using mean.

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      Why are you still throwing a tantrum? I can't imagine being a crybaby in denial gets you far in life.

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      You're boring now. Do have any real effort, or are you just gonna keep saying words you don't know the meaning to?