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Stop complaining. Put a local ad up and gather supporters to finance an ISP. Many cities have installed their own internet.

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I was expecting a rant against the ZX Spectrum and was mildly disappointed. However this Spectrum Cable seems terrible!

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I used to have Time Warner cable and internet. I never had any problems and their customer service was great when I needed something. They even helped to get us the best unadvertised price on cable packages. Then Spectrum took over after the merger. All the stories I heard, like yours, came true for me. Lies about pricing and quality, and poor customer service. They forced me into a cable-cutter. If I had another option for internet, I would drop them altogether.

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Agree with you. I have problems with this platform myself. Especially with account login.I know that technical support is always important for users, it allows you to quickly solve a problem or find out the answer to questions that interest you. I myself use when problems arise due to certain technical issues