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You can share your concerns with about the vaccine (and you should) but ultimately people are going to make their own choices. Personally, I wouldn't take an experimental mRNA vaccine that has never been tested on humans long term for a virus with a 99.9% survival rate (for my age) but part of bodily freedom is that people are free to make their own medical decisions. Some of my family members and friends have taken or will take the vaccine, and that's their prerogative. If the topic comes up I tell them my reasons for not taking the vaccine but I can't forcibly alter their position.

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I agree, but it's annoying when they consistently insist that you are wrong when they don't even have sufficient evidence to imply otherwise, and if it did exist they don't even use it to justify their position because they rarely look into it themselves. It's like their main justification is the fact that everybody else believes/does X thing, which is why they do it too. Her getting the vaccine was just the cherry on top.

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Your friend is not the one who is unwilling to change--it's you. If using X service makes one ignorant and deluded, you must be infuriated with half the planet. Not everyone thinks like you.

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It's you.

..and you would know of off one post? You don't even know me, it's actually pretty ironic because if anything my views have changed substantially over the course of a good few years. This is a shitty retort, "akshually bro, it's you."

If using X service makes one ignorant and deluded-

If you support a platform whilst simulatenously ignoring the unethical practises of the site owners/admins, then yea, you're pretty stupid. People will often try to justify their bad habits and in this instance they do it so that they can keep getting their dopamine kick and maintain a false sense of integrity.

You must be infuriated with half the planet.

And you aren't? This place is a living hell.

Not everybody thinks like you.

Never said they did.

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I don't really know, but you just sound like you're projecting.

And you aren't? This place is a living hell.

I just try to maximize my happiness given my circumstances.

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Fair enough

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Good for her. Hopefully your selfishness and willful ignorance doesn't get anyone elderly or immunocompromised killed.

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IKR? People that think for themselves instead of mindlessly repeating MSM propaganda are dangerous and the most selfish of people. They should be wearing that muzzle 24/7(proper breathing is overrated) along with a good dose of corporate media(it's on the TV therefore it is true) so they can be cured of their delusions and be transformed into obedient consumers hoping for a vaccine that isn't really a vaccine and won't protect you from getting infected by a virus with a 99.6% recovery rate. Selfish and ignorant indeed.

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People that think for themselves

Got news for ya, champ: watching nothing but poorly sourced and even more poorly produced Youtube videos on the frontpage of /s/conspiracy does not constitute "thinking for yourself".

They should be wearing that muzzle 24/7(proper breathing is overrated)

Study after study has shown that masks in no way impair gas exchange or proper lung function, even with high levels of athletic activity, and that they demonstrably reduce COVID transmission, but we both already know that the science doesn't matter to you. Once again, your conspiracy Youtubers aren't "free thinkers" - they're just exacerbating the culture of willful ignorance and misinformation that's so ubiquitous on places like SaidIt these days, and unfortunately you're not enough of a free thinker to do your own (actual) research.

a vaccine that isn't really a vaccine

Is it a preparation that causes your body to produce antibodies against future infection? It's a vaccine. A vaccine based on tech that also seems likely to provide further benefits against cancer in the near future, so the more research seen in that area, the better.

a virus with a 99.6% recovery rate

Thanks to lockdowns demonstrably slowing the rate of infection, increased availability of specialized medical equipment despite the best efforts of the prior administration to kill as many people as it could, and the countless hours of work in hazard conditions by the medical professionals that you're disgracing with your antivaxxer bullshit.

Selfish and ignorant indeed.

You've done an excellent job demonstrating that you belong in this category as well. Try being an actual free thinker, for once. Oh, and don't forget to wear a mask and get vaccinated - it saves lives.

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The irony of you railing against "MSM propaganda" and then citing them instead of citing the actual science is absolutely hilarious, and incredibly telling. Then again, presciently, I did note that we both already know the science doesn't actually matter to you.

Even so, here you go - I've done your homework for you:
An evidence review of face masks against COVID-19. "The preponderance of evidence indicates that mask wearing reduces transmissibility per contact"

The physiological effects of face masks during exercise. "Heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and time to exhaustion did not differ significantly."

Effectiveness of Government Policies in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak. "Using daily data for 32 countries and relying on the stringency of the conducted policies, we find that the greater the strength of government interventions at an early stage, the more effective these are in slowing down or reversing the growth rate of deaths."

Also, from here, showing how many more lives could have been saved in Sweden, tellingly, "Yet the size of the lockdown effect suggests that there is a non-trivial infection externality – people fail to internalise the costs they impose on others as they become infectious and, hence, voluntary social restraint fails to deliver the same extent of social distancing that we observe for the lockdown scenario."

They're talking about you, by the way. You're the reason lockdowns have to be mandatory, and are are less effective than they should be. "Selfish and ignorant indeed."

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Coronavirus fatality rates by age

More “Covid Suicides” than Covid Deaths in Kids

Given the low mortality rate within younger, healthier people and the economical, psychological fallout of the lockdown measures, is it all worth it?

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Yes! Yes it is! "We should make more mental health resources available for helping people stay psychologically healthy in lockdown" is a completely separate issue from "we should do nothing and just let all of our grandparents die an easily avoidable death."

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Well then, keep pushing your fear. I have better things to do...

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There was literally no reason for her to get the vaccine, she was perfectly young and healthy

doesn't get anyone elderly or immunocompromised killed

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Looks like somebody failed high school biology.

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Look like someone is failing at logical thinking.

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Hey, at least you've got the self-awareness to recognize it.

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Gaslighter be gaslighting.

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Feel free to elaborate on what you're hinting at. Why should a healthy person get an experimental drug to reduce their chances of death from an illness that has a very low chance of killing them?

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Because even if you don't die yourself, you can transmit the virus to someone who is elderly or immunocompromised, and who is much more likely to die.

Getting vaccinated makes it less likely for those around you to contract the disease. And, since evidence currently unanimously points toward all types of the vaccine being perfectly healthy, there's literally zero reason not to get the vaccine other than selfishness or willful ignorance.

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And, since evidence currently unanimously points toward all types of the vaccine being perfectly healthy, there's literally zero reason not to get the vaccine other than selfishness or willful ignorance.

Willful ignorance indeed.

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Glad you agree. Now go get vaccinated.

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    That article literally says that "it is false to say that COVID vaccines have caused 966 deaths", and concludes that there is no reason to doubt the safety of the vaccine.

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      As opposed to your critical thinking skills of apparently not even reading the article at all? The entire point of the article is that yes, 1000 people died after taking the vaccine, but that there is no evidence tying those deaths to the vaccine.

      The original "source" even included a post-vaccine car accident in their numbers for deaths due to COVID, so we see how much they care about good faith with their reporting numbers.

      Face it - unanimous scientific consensus is that vaccines are perfectly safe, and that you have literally zero reason not to get one other than selfishness and willful ignorance.

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      I went through the exact same thing. Friendships gone forever. If anything ever is worth it, it's this. Stand firm.

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      I don't grudge anyone that takes it, maybe some will work but I think there could be a larger scam or conspiracy going on. This is a massive experiment, mostly untested and the humans of today and citizens are the lab rats. The brainwashing is too strong, they are hit with radio, magazines, social media and tv with these news announcements, be happy some can still resist it.

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      Is she cute tho?

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      Noah didn't have much luck either.