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Suck it Reddit!

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I have been banned from about 100 subreddits so I guess I am on the right path for almost everything. But sorry, I can't comment on YouTube because I am banned there too.

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Awesome how did you get banned from YouTube? Or at least the commenting section.

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I am not sure exactly how I got banned, but telling the truth will get one banned from all mainstream platforms.

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I love how y'all refer to your crazy nonsense shit as "the truth", it's cute

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Bardfinn is a (tranny, felon, leftist) mod on reddit for the AHS sub, and claims to have 30K reddit accounts in his target list. This is one of the main people who gets you banned if you've ever posted anything on one of his target subs.

Look for his massive thread (hundreds of pages) on kiwi farms for the dox, and whole exposé.

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The delta variant is real, does hit kids, wife's hospital is pretty full. Vaccine doesn't seem to work all that well against it, and we don't have nano tech yet. I agree covid is probably man made and you have to be pretty milquetoast to not get banned from at least some reddit subs.

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Yes we do have nanotech it goes by smart dust is a generalized term used for it but what it's actually called is microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

That articles from 2018.

Can smart dust be injected? By using ultrasound to communicate with the neural dust, the sensors can be made smaller and placed deeper inside the body, by needle injection or other non-surgical approaches.”Aug 3, 2016 That comes from DARPA. I can continue to to give you sources.