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pretty good but I feel like this rant could go on

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You can't support something when the organization's own actions show that the name of said organization is a lie. They should rename it black lives only matter if taken by a white cop. I don't see BLM marching for all the black on black crime that we hear about everyday.

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I have never supported any rioting, protester blocking roads.

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Ok, racist.

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Okay, retard.

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Politics doesn't interest me, but if the Right had any brains they would ally with BLM. After all, BLM is one of the few practical political organizations around because rioting and vandalism are the most effective political tools in a time when elections are fraudulent and courts are corrupt. BLM members are just useful idiots to be used by whoever has the brains to use them. The Right should convince BLM members that covid vaccine mandates are anti-black and so BLM should vandalize all business that implement vaccine mandates. This would be the kind of smart politics that the current moronic Right is just too stupid to do. For more, read Rules for Radicals.

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It's an effective political tool, what they want is for cops to let them commit crimes with impunity and they have achieved that goal with success. The right has different goals of course. People compare the Jan 6 riot to all of BLM's many riots. One riot won't lead to change! Black people have been doing it for decades, rome wasn't built in a day. So my point here is the right should continue with their protests. If they were smart they'd focus more on wall st after all that is who funds social media, both political parties, corporations, everything.

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The Right can't protest because they would be targeted and jailed. That is why the Right should make alliances with groups like BLM who can protest.

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different goals so can't

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They just did. I was prescient or what?

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Maybe they're just not effective enough. Right-wingers don't hurt anybody. Leftists have to tar their own side in order to claim there's any violence at all (Ted famously wrote "my fellow leftists"). The FBI has to claim non-whites are whites in order to keep crime statistics up.

Aligning with BLM can't work: they are fake, their ideals are fake, their actions are fake, their accusations are fake.

We can't be Rockwell attending a Malcom X speech, because up at the pulpit is Moshe waiting to amplify his kvetch any time he spots a goy.

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But what would BLM gain by forming an alliance with the Right?

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What does BLM gain from its current activities? Certainly not helping blacks.

BLM is an organization of useful leftist and black idiots that is exploited by Soros and other globalists. There is no reason why the Right can't exploit them too.

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But what would the Right do for BLM in return? That's what I'm really asking.

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Provide organization and join their protests.

Anyway, BLM is not motivated by practical things. They are emotional lunatics. So just trigger the right emotions to motivate them.

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Lol, little late to the party, and definitely not the place to "show your non support"

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That's fine. Just make sure you go to work so you can pay your Social Security Taxes every month. This old guy likes getting your money. Maybe I'll take a part time job as a cashier just so I can be slow to young shits.