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Save your sanity and just stop going there. Stay here.

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Most trans people have narcissistic personality disorder this is why they can't take any slight questioning.

You cry you aren't transphobic by can you not see how affirming people with a personality disorder is going to create a highly toxic atmosphere. It's not a phobia if it's a rational fear.

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If 21st century men dress up in feminine attire from other centuries I might actually respect them more for making an effort while accepting they don't actually fit in. Also cosplay too, but historical attire might actually be of educational value.

Same goes for women dressing as men from other eras.

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Are you questioning the identity of people who have identity issues?
Let me put this another way: Are you questioning the intelligence of people who are too retarded to realize they are retarded?

And I thought it was 2slgbtqia+ now?

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Getting more lovecraftian by the day.

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Every time you click on a link to reddit, regardless of why, you are doing them a favor. Why would you keep doing it?

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lol you go there to argue with bots lol

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Dude...were you just born yesterday? This has been going on for a decade and only come on to a board completely separate from reddit, knowing reddit is a fucking cesspool of jewish propaganda, bitching about reddit?

Good lord.

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Transgenderism is a sociogenic illness affecting otherwise normal teens and adults. There's probably some true trans pinoy lady bois out there but this shit at large is just a social media infection. I fucking call it now, within 5 years people like u/TheAmeliaMay are going to wonder what the fuck they were thinking. People who spent years tucking their dick into their ass are just going to have to terms with the fact they were easily influenced weak minded individuals. I mean the ones besides the perverts.

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Also, there are legit toxic environments with birth control pills, bisphenol-A, etc in our water fucking up our hormones.

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I posted this sociogenic illness idea on r/lgbt. It wasn't going well last I looked.

I don't think identifying as a girl has anything to do with actually being girl-like, artificial hormones or no. None of these trans woman dudes come off as women, they act like dudes.

If they actually acted like women I'd feel less gaslit.

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Yes. Feminine. Even flaming, annoying as that may be. But not a dude in a dress "identifying" as his fantasy and/or kink.

I identify as Conan The Barbarian, but I don't walk around in a loin cloth.

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They changed the definition of Bigot close to a decade ago when the tranny movement started getting bigger.

It's stupid word now to even get upset about. Before the definition was changed it was a word for being religiously segregationist from people.

Now the definition literally means a differing opinion, therefore EVERYONE on the planet is now a bigot.

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when the tranny movement started getting bigger.

Bigger poops because bigger butt plugs.

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I'm not a bigot, I'm not a transphobe either.

I'm definitely a bigot, because anyone who isn't agrees with the idea of child rape, and any other disgusting/degenerate ideas. It's in the definition of the word.

I'm not a transphobe, because rather than fear them, I believe they should be shot and thrown into car grinders. Or maybe not shot first.

*I see they've changed their definition of bigot again.

a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

This used to say something like: a bigot is a person who strongly disagrees with opinions and ideas they find objectionable. Child rape would fit that description.

Now they describe child rapists, faggots, and other disgusting degenerates as "members of a particular group." How jewish.

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How jewish.

How Zionist.

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I don't know about that. IMO, the jewish race has particular qualities, abilities, and characteristics that have no dependance on their belief in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel.

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If you think Zionism ends at the borders of Israel you're woefully misinformed.

ZOG = Zionist Occupied Government = most nations on Earth, plus Hollywood, Wall Street / London Inc., Vatican Inc., the B.I.S., etc.

"Globalist" is now an anti-Semitic word because it's so synonymous with Zionist.

The Jewish race also need not be Semitic.

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It's probably like those cities jammed up against each other where you can't tell when you've crossed into a different jurisdiction, but I'm seeing zionism as focused specifically on Israel.

ZOG includes them, but they have a lot of associates in that endeavor.

Despite slogging through some of those comment threads between Jesus and HibikiBlack, there's still a lot I don't know about who the associates of the jews are, and how the whole cabal system works.

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Most of Washington, Wall Street, and Hollywood serve Israel.

And London, Vatican, Moscow, Beijing, Ottawa, etc.

Last I checked those are not in Israel.

Their focus is the world.

I don't know, and can never know, enough about the associates or their cabal systems.

It's not complicated.
They rule.
And not in a cool way.

This Zionists vs Jesuits debate is not constructive and endlessly moot, it's also obvious the Zionists carry far more weight, no matter how much Jesuit info/disinfo/misinfo is out there.