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If you want to get whatever you want, just go to a liberal area and claim to be transgender. You'll be literally immune to criticism. long as you shill their communist politics and SJW agenda, that is.

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The best way to fuck up your business is to hire a queer or a tranny. The drama will never end.

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I'm Bisexual

You can spend your entire life building bridges, but you suck one cock, and you're a cocksucker for life.

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Uh, whatever dude.

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A man walked into a bar in Scotland, sat down and ordered a drink. Next to him was a leathery old Scotsman, well into the bottle in front of him.

The man asked the Scotsman if there was something the matter.

The Scot replied (in Groundskeeper Willy brogue); "Aye lad, indeed there is. You see this bar here? I made this bar with me own two hands, slowly crafting it in the time-honored way of my forebears. It took me 4 months, but do they call me MacGregor the bar-builder? Noooooo. "

"You know the dock that your ferry landed at the night before? I built that dock with me own bare hands, finely honing each joint so that it would withstand the weather that mother nature unravels upon it. It took nigh a year, but do they call me MacGregor the dock-builder? Noooooo."

"And do you recall the livery stable you passed on the way into town? I stood that stable up in six months, with nary a bit o' help. To this day that stable is one of the finest in all of Scotland. But do they call me MacGregor that stable-maker? Nooooooo."

"But you fuck one goat...."

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Hey give him a break, he's new here. You can bully me instead. You can bully me for being Indian. Haha.

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Posting a hilarious joke that contains indelible wisdom is not bullying. Few receive such a boon.

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Fair point. If I was bullied by saidit user Muskrat, I would feel honoured.... ahhhhh

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This is why the extreme left are using them.

They create confusing and stop people from being able to have a firm grip on reality. Then the tankies think they can bulldoze their perfect communist utopia through the establishment without anyone complaining.

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Yeah, I'm just waiting for this culture war to end. It's like Jurassic Park out here! Word of advice though, try and spend as little time as possible on reddit. If you do, only subscribe to non-political communities, like subreddits about your favourite tv show or video games and things like that.

Politics will rot your mind, especially if it's on reddit. That site genuinely depresses me sometimes.