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are they really even worth your time? All you'd do is get banned again. You can get a VPN if you're that serious, but again, not worth it.

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It’s a process. He probabaly thinks he can change it. He can still say something to sway peoples minds.

I was there at some point.

I kept getting banned. My voice reaching no one.

And eventually I realized it was done.

I had an account with over a million foment karma. Posting right wing or conservative or libertarian ideas.

I’m now gone.

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They can detect me no matter what I do. Even if I go to another device and network I've never used before their system will flag me.

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We all might not get along. But we’re all here for the same reason. It’s crazy how we’re tied together.

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It seems like we all have been perma banned from Reddit

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And I'm SUPER permabanned

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They are, when I'm not doing stupid shit. I've done the VPN route before, it's gotten fair success. Again, I'm just being stupid by charging in, exhausting e-mails and not using a VPN.

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I spin up virtual machines in the cloud to get around bans on various sites. I gave up on Reddit, though.

Reddit was also one-way communication only for me for the last couple years. I stopped caring or getting any value from people's replies, so I didn't read them. My last account has 800+ unread notifcations

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    As much as I'd like to, I can't. Because seriously, I've weighed in on any alternatives I could find.

    The reason SaidIt isn't ever going to gain ground in a userbase to compare to Reddit's, is because people from an outsider's POV, sees it as a cesspool of all of the rejects (including me since I keep getting banned) from other social media. It may have microcommunities, yes, but it's not as vast as Reddit's.

    SaidIt just serves as a good place to be at where you can mostly get away with what you can say short of advocating and talking of plans to commit violence against those you despise. That's what I like to use SaidIt for. I can get away with talking shit about transgenders. I can use words like 'retard' and other slang and nobody will bat at an eye like Reddit definitely would.

    Reddit still has some use to me, I feel more in company knowing there's millions as opposed to feeling like I'm almost in a small cult of 600 members. I'm not done with it, regardless of how many bans they hand me.

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    It happened to me. Basically you arnt welcome there.

    To not get banned, you need a different IMEI. They will ban you as long as you use the same devices.

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    Most comedy comes from fake misfortune. Our instincts find this amusing for males but are empathetic to females. It's a byproduct of a much more sinister fact of nature.