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The people that run that sub are sadists that get off on shitting on people they see as below them. They do not have good intentions.

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The blackpill predicts that an incel who lucks out and gets a romance, will not be treated well.

This guy is a good example of what typically happens when an incel beats the odds and ascends. He got a GF through his Youtube channel after many years of looksmaxxing, gymmaxxing and educationmaxxing (he has an advanced degree in STEM). And guess what happened? She ended up physically abusing him, and he didn't even try to defend himself because he was scared of being falsely accused of having initiated it, and she cheated on him with a stereotypical jock and then left him. He gave her a lot of money too, although not as much as his parents wanted him to.

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Most of normalfags who claim that they had an "incel episode" were just drug abusers, hobos pissing to bottles and lazy ass bitches who did nothing in their lifes. They had sex, yet they will call themselves incels to just show that despite being all this shit that I mentioned they could "change it". Reality is, that none of them has changed anything and due to their genetics they found a partner, while I spend my life in home, playing games, finding new hobbies and improving myself, just to be said I didn't do anything.

They are LARPing anyway, like today at IT someone posted advices for incels, while 10 days ago he mentioned being lonely without girlfriend. Can't make this up, nigga is trying to persuade himself that gibberish he say is true, when in reality even he understands it doesn't work.

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Reminds me of this one normie on FB who was complaining that he was turning into and incel because he didn't have sex in two years jfl. Then he made a post later on saying that he ended up hooking up with his baby mama after he made the OP. Fucking normies man.

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It should've been obvious the second it was created, but IncelExit is a meme sub. After how many years of existing they still don't have a clear definition of what exactly it means to "exit" inceldom. Wtf are they doing? They also forbid people to talk about certain topics and/or post certain studies. Instead of grasping the truth and learning how to live with it, they think the correct thing to do is bury your head in the sand when it comes to uncomfortable realities of dating. If you base your view on peer-reviewed studies and not what they tell you is correct, then you are doing it all wrong according to them. How sustainable is that kind of "exiting"?

And one of the mods is named "library wench". Jfl the irony

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How sustainable is that kind of "exiting"?

As sustainable as normalfag's brain can handle. Basically in all anti-incel or "helping incel" subs it's always the route of deradicalization of incels. You must follow with what they say, hobbies, no questioning your situation, no questioning reality, believing that it will change and under any circumstance - you cannot be an inconvenience to normies. You cannot be lonely, because it's feeling entitlement to companionship, you cannot say you were bullied, because it's anyway your fault.

Their approach is to make us gay crying niggas, who will kill themselves in the end, or who will resign from dating at all and say that all women are awesome.

But luckily, some of us won't listen to this shit. I hate foids so much.

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Library Wench and Backpackporkchop have always made it clear that the goal of IE was never to help incels ascend but rather to just accept being single and a virgin and not bitch about it.

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Claims to have been an incel

Unironically suggests showermaxxing and implies we all keep piss bottles in our rooms

Has this guy ever hung out in an actual incel community?

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I, for one, limit myself to exactly 1 piss jug at a time like a gentleman.

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Probably written by u/fuckyourmom

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What’s the black pill?

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The idea that dating success is genetically determined and so it's pointless dating if you aren't in the desirable group.

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Don’t ALL incels have fathers who fucked and made the incel. All incel a come from a genetically successful male.

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Sons only have half of a father's DNA though. Half the mother's. And how they combine is to an extent down to chance. Doesn't mean they'll necessarily arrange in ways that allows for successful dating.

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May dad was a Chad. But because my mom was a Becky and because they were already in their mid-30's and early 40's when they had me, well I ended up getting all the degraded DNA.

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The environment change, and there is still some variance in your genetic makeup. You are not a clone of your father.

Many species of animals died out, even though they all came from an unbroken line from the first organism

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That’s fair.

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Example of environment change: Being intelligent is actually very bad for your genetic fitness currently.

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How can you obey the law when everything is illegal?

Why obey the law if the governent and illegal immigrants don't?

You can't vote because the US is not a democracy.

Protesting is illegal.

What can you do?