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All heterosexual sex is rape because of the huge power differential between men and women. Only islamic sex is acceptable

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we live in completly different worlds. just imagine having the equivalent smv of a becky. and women want to talk about entitled. JFL. thyeyve never had to work for a relationship a day in their lives

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If someone calls me a Becky on a normie SM site I accuse them of antisemitism.

Watch out for that move.

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You aren't white if you're jewish

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I'm not Jewish but its a Jewish name so they are implying bad stereotypes about Jewish women.

I can go into whole essays about it when I'm in full troll mode. I once got a sub full of black feminists to start a campaign against the term.

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I once got a sub full of black feminists to start a campaign against the term.

Jesus fucking christ mate, no wonder /u/AnimeRespecter wants to go out with you.

Good taste.

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I agree, and women think they are smart, they think they know everything. In real life, they are cowards in face paint.

Women suck.

Move on.

This is about us, not them. Clean ur room.

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Not all of them. From my experience, patience is the real problem.

In most human beings, men as well as women. It is just as simple as everything important in life is:

You don't "make" friends. You meet or find them.

This is obviously kind of hard when you're circle-jerking on some forum 24/7 instead of going where people sharing your interests could happen to go, too.

Ignore white-trash Becky and go out there to search "your" Zelda. This can't be so hard to understand.

You actually can decide who you spend your time with. And even if you can't evade Becky, you simply can ignore her.

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It's hard not to witness such a blatant display of the blackpill in action everyday. Slightly below-average white girl can easily do the bare minimum and get a bunch of thirsty ethnic men who just want to talk to her and be near her because she's a white woman, to do anything for her. Meanwhile I break my back doing actual work. Just a small example of the blackpill.

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Did you ever hear of "sapiosexuality" ?

Most likely, this trait developed in humans when they started climbing down from trees and using their heads for something else than only scratching them.

Males carrying this trait are easily identifiable by females carrying it on attributes we nowadays call: Humor or sarcasm. (And vice versa, of course)

It is the reason Becky rather hangs around with her baboon-peers instead of controlling her natural gaslighting-impulses (only bullshitting herself in the process, fyi) to search for "real" cognitive capacity she could then possibly inherit to her own offspring.

On the other hand: Becky already gave her own rather dim cognitive capacity away by literally eating her depression and dying her hair blond to compensate for it. This is what baboons and chimps tend to look for in their mating behavior: Who can bullshit whom better.

Humans tend to form long-lasting partnerships to raise their offspring.

While most non-human primates on the other hand live in harem-like groups. Hence, give less of a fuck about their offspring...

Which then repeats... and repeats... I believe you can follow this reasoning.

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Sapiosexuality is a meme. Women will go for high status men, which tend to be smarter. Nobody wants to hang around with people who are too different from yourself in terms of IQ

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Exactly. But you should aim upwards, not downwards. To me, this seems rational.

The moment you start judging by induction (from small to big) there is a big chance you make wrong assumptions about reality that can bite you in your ass really hard. Being offbeat and "intelligence", the same as offbeat interests and "intelligence" are proven to be correlated.

If you haven't found peers you can relate to, it is very probable that you simply didn't search long enough. Which is normal in teenager-, even twenty-something age cohorts.

Just because somebody made a famous meme from it to ostracize women... it may still be correct.

There is also a meme: "Today you call me geek, tomorrow you call me boss."

But obviously we ain't arguing meme culture here and how it is used to bully or ostracize offbeat people.