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Paternity tests are illegal in Europe.

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Not in entire Europe but for sure they are in France.

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Cuck country

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I got all my kids gene tested. I don’t trust women.

They show that they genuinely don’t understand the issue with forcing a man to raise someone else’s kid. They understand that men will loose their mind about it. The gueniuenly don’t get it.

Like because it’s not an issue they face, they can’t conceive of an issue with it.

Like, “we’re still raising a kid together, what does it matter if it’s your child”. Type shit.

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    Lol. An ancestor test is a gene test.

    But you mean like, an ancestory test that says who the grandparents are? Or you mean like it says who the parents are? Or percentages of race?

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    Theres hardly any point to hearing what women have to say at this point. they are hypocrites, so the only question is how can we make life better for incels by decreasing cuckery and inceldom? This is difficult because women have lots of voting rights, and theyll never be convinced of the blackpill. Our best hope is to make america very divided and even then its dubious as the establishments and powers that be are against us

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    Same reason why they defend Amber Heard, they will defend their privileges and evade accountability at all costs no matter how morally questionable it is. Also, even if men as a whole stop dating women men are still giving maintaining them directly and indirectly in many ways, so even without a relationship dynamic women remain to be parasites (and worse)

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    foid hivemind is a thing and it's vile. It starts in cliques where everybody already made up their mind about you because one doesn't like you, but they also do retarded block voting on the most retarded issues

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    In Spain a couple months ago women were about to vote in favour of keeping men off places such as bars because of a false hoax about ''men using injections on clubs'' that was later proven to be false by experts. Said ''injections'' never had any chemicals and it's physically impossible to drug someone effectively and quick in the middle of a group by ''injecting'' a syringe into someone.

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    JFL the UK part

    and it was reported that people were kept inside a Yorkshire nightclub for two hours following allegations two women had been spiked with needles

    274 reported cases between September-November 2021 [...] no cases of injection of drugs had been confirmed

    a number of women from university cities decided to boycott nightclubs for "girls' nights in".

    Oh no society is over, women won't be whores so much anymore

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    Didn't know this phenomena happened in UK as well. I would say it was a plan from the govermenst to push an agenda, but honestly I am sure it was just women doing this thing out of a trend to get likes in social media at the cost of making men look bad. This just show how sociopathic and unpathetic foids are.

    You know what's funny? some of these fake needle spiking allegations were made by women that later admitted that they used it for their personal use in cases where they had to make excuses for doing nasty things such as cheating on their boyfriend. ''I didn't cheat on you that guy used a needle to drug me'' etc.

    a number of women from university cities decided to boycott nightclubs for "girls' nights in".

    This just shows how much a pathetic larpers women are. They fill their mouth talking about how much they hate men and how much of a ''treat'' men are to them in their life, but the moment they can do something about it they walk away. They can't live without Chad and without Chad's money no matter how much they pretend.

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    it was not always like this, that's for fucking sure.

    Please explain to me how a paternity test catches a cheater that is none other than the mother? A mother is not going to catch a cheater with a paternity test, unless this is some gay fucking clown world shit you're talking.

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    Please explain to me how a paternity test catches a cheater that is none other than the mother?

    It's true it can only catch the mother, but so what? What's your point? Of course it only has the possibility to catch the mother, but it's only fathers who are in danger of getting cucked to begin with i.e. being tricked into raising a bastard child as their own. Mothers don't face that risk. If the baby comes out of her, she knows it's hers lol. What would even be the point of protecting women from something they aren't even threatened by?