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I don't want to look at IT since it is a cesspool. Best not to call him "doogycel" as we are opposed with that scumbag who has been harassing us while grooming children. Doogygroomer now has no purpose in life, so I am not sure how he will be able to cope aside from grooming.

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How can you be opossed to this insane moron? Like I cannot treat him seriously, he seems as if it's just little retarded AI typing. Can you even imagine being 33 yo, living in your parents basement and hating incels as your un-paid job? Me neither.

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He was a great warrior for the anti-incel cause, the keyboard was his sword, and IT was his Camelot. But he was cut down in his prime by the same vice that plagued all those before him: a lust for children. He's an outlaw with Dr. Pizza now.

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Its possible even likely he's in police trouble now.

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I have seen this clown's name from time to time but hadn't ever been bored enough to read up on him until today. What a fucking train wreck. Prove the incel wrong? IDK, man, they pretty much nailed you.

The lies. The ill-fated gig wrangling buggies at the Dunwoody Target- how do you screw that up, exactly? And he diddled some teenage girl he met playing computer games?

He will probably go trans.

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According to people in the know, his Steam profile has been overly active lately.