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The posts on this sub continue to get less and less coherent.

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Vaccine-induced psychosis. 90% of us will be eating paint and buttfucking livestock within a year. "They" won.

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As proven by your dogshit post history.

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I think you have to have the factor of being touchless to be considered an incel. This meaning no women has ever initiated intimate physical contact with you which has been done on purpose and not out of necessity for other reasons. I think its a key difference that filters the incels from the normies, though due to the pickiness of toilets that may be less and less of a divide.

I don't care too much about escortcels, but they should talked about their experiences on a separate forum or not brought up that much as it can be irritating to see such content, especially for those who are not well off in money wise or legally unable to escort in their own country.

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I mean, if escortcels do not brag constantly about that, I am fine with them, but it's easy to determine the line where it's not considered as acceptable anymore. But tbh, it's not about the act or not, it's about the fact whether in eyes of foids we are considered as people, not as walking resources to use in the future. Not a single foid ever would percieve me as a romantic or sexual possibility, therefore I am an incel.

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Not being hugless or kissless and claiming to be incel is absurd for obvious reasons, but one of the reasons why it's different from just being non-touchelss is that a girl touching you indicates attraction but not necessarily that the male will actually get the results. Hugging and kissing are the very results themselves, and in case you didn't get those results, you're still incel.

Kissing and hugging cannot ever be explained away by anyone who isn't detached from reality, and also might very well satisfy someone so they don't have to worry about getting sex anymore.

This shows just how braindead incel forum mods are to allow someone who kissed and hugged without even flirting with said girls. Oh and btw that was elliot rodger.

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hugging doesnt make you a fakecel. unless your hugging a girl who likes or is in a relationship with you.

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So platonic hugging doesn't make you fakecel... okay...

But there's no purely platonic hugging because there's literally no such social requirement in any country or society, even throughout history. So she embraced the entire body (as opposed to just lips or arm stroking) of an unattractive male... why?

Not even a 7/10 can imagine just being hugged by a girl who he didn't even flirt with, you can't underestimate the high standards they have or what a nightmare it is.

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but what if its a far older women who is a family friend or you know them from church?? i only ever hugged 1girl my age. in middle school, and she mocked and made fun of me relentlessly. the idea that this invalidates my KHV incel status is incorrect

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but what if its a far older women who is a family friend or you know them from church??

Very interesting. I didn't notice it was this kind of a fantasy when first reading this comment.

I've talked about this when talking about quantum memories. You did in fact hug and kiss and even have sex with many girls, or didn't, depending on your state of mind. Surely many older women hugged you during gatherings right?

Being a KHV is a negative fact and therefore you'd need to know every fact in existence to confirm it. You can't know.

Let's take a look at reality: why would a woman from a church ever, ever, ever hug you? It sounds like common sense that it might happen... but it's false. Platonic hugging isn't a requirement for any social convention and overwhelmingly likely is just a quantum memory.

These quantum memories aren't required to cope, not really, and they reek of being a naive optimist like I was back when I was looking to cold approach in early 2023. So I just reject them.