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Most people are just making noise at the same note as the crowd. Hypocrisy doesn't mean anything to them because they're empty vessels.

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It's the natural cycle of insults. Take a low status group and create associating your outgroup with them. And since you can't use stuff like retard and faggot anymore due to lefty sensibilities, just take inattractive males. This is actual proof that incels are oppressed under the leftist framework btw, they just for some reason don't want to see it.

Small nitpick: Countersignaling would be would be women or chad adopting incel memes and identity. Nobody seriously believes that they can be incel, so they get away with it, in a way humblebragging. A normie male on the other hand has to manage his status very carefully and must at all cost avoid being associated with incel or unattractive stereotypes. This allows Chad to create a status-barrier that normie can't cross, a signal he can't fake like he can do with fashion, since he wouldn't get away with it and actually lower his status with the signal.